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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


When I decided that Ride the Lightning should be a BDSM book, I started devouring books by other authors in this genre. Of course, I had already read all of my friend Jennifer Leeland’s books. In fact, it was probably her Command series that made me realize that Ride the Lightning would work best as a BDSM story. On Jen’s recommendation, I’d already started reading Joey W. Hill, so I went and got more of Joey’s books. Then I read Sarah Masters’ Domintrix series, Quillia Rain’s Club Diablo Blanco books, and Cherise Sinclair’s Club Shadowlands books. I discovered that I really liked these books and started picking up others like them.

Just this weekend, in a discussion at a Yahoo group, author Tess MacKall reminded us of the capture/bondage themes of romance authors like Kathleen Woodiwiss and Laurie McBain. It dawned on me that I had just traded my long-time obsession with historical romances with these themes for an obsession with BDSM themed books. The discussion came out of my concern that the mating scene in Ride the Lightning might be slightly on the violent side for some women. As a way to assuage my nerves, Tess reminded me of those old romances and how popular they were.

There is something to be said for having a strong mate. In my own life, I’m the breadwinner, but my significant other is a very strong-willed man (he’s German-Irish OY!) So while there are areas of our life together where I am the dominant partner, there are others where he is. And I found that he was very much on my mind as I wrote Ride the Lightning too. It was written in October and November and we had just celebrated our 11 year anniversary in late October. The book is dedicated to him as a sort of anniversary present.

With all of this running through my head, I had no problem crafting the characters of Emily Carrington and Vahid Delrey. Both of them are top executives at the same corporation. Vahid sees Emily as ultra-capable. He doesn’t see the vulnerability beneath her cold exterior. As for Emily, she sees Vahid as a total asshole. She has no idea of his background as an orphan or why he is such an ass-kissing dogsbody to their boss. Vahid is a Dom who uses the lifestyle as an outlet for his emotions and to retain his much vaunted control. Emily is a submissive who must give over control of her body to another in order to release the pent up emotional pain inside her.

This book was a journey for me. A journey through my own past as a reader, my own struggles in life to reach the place where I’m happy with who I am and understand the workings of my own heart, and a journey through my growth as a writer and author. Mary, my editor and publisher, has termed this book as an “emotional rollercoaster of the type usually attributed to Joey W. Hill.” The compliment she handed me with those words is one I hold close to my heart because I admire Joey’s work tremendously. And here I’d been worried that she would think Ride the Lightning a weak story compared to its predecessor, the bestselling Rainbow Awards finalist, Fire Season.

I’m so very happy to be able to give my readers Ride the Lightning. I hope they will enjoy Emily and Vahid and be able to feel the love and care I used when crafting the characters. So many things went into the making of this story and it is my very great privilege to be able to give it to all of you this holiday season.

Lex has been writing ever since she could hold a pencil. A few years ago, she began writing in an online paranormal serial story. When she posted snippets of her work on her blog Sunlight Sucks, author Jennifer Leeland encouraged her to submit her writing to publishers. Not long after, Lex received her first contract. A native of Northern California, Lex currently lives in Orange County, California with her daughter Nikki and Rott, her long haired, tattooed significant other. She loves loud music, builds her own computers, and has a propensity for having very weird vivid dreams about Nikki Sixx.


sherry said...

Great interview and your books sounds really good I love your books they are some of my favorites.

Virginia C said...

Hi, Lex! I enjoyed your're a very interesting person! So, you build your own PCs--how many PCs do you have in your house?
Happy New Year!

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Jeanine said...

I love this look at BDSM books and will certainly look for this one. It sounds really good


LeslieJane said...

Never thought that my love of BDSM books started early with those historicals that my Mom read also.

ps. Since you live in Orange County, wave to my brother who lives in Aneheim. And enjoy the warm weather, as opposed to the freezing temps we have in Virginia.

robynl said...

Emily and Vahid sound like complex characters; I might meet them and get to know them between the pages of your book.

Lex Valentine said...

Sherry - Thanks so much! I really enjoy hearing that people love my characters.

Virginia - We have only one working desktop at the moment. I'm buying parts a bit at a time for a new desktop for myself so I can give my to my daughter Nikki. Rott, my DH, just killed his desktop this week. He's not decided what he wants in his new computer. He's fussier and does nicer work than I do building a computer! We have 2 netbooks in the house too. An Acer Aspire One (mine) and an eeePC (Nikki's.)

Jeanine - Thank you! It's not heavy on the BDSM, but it was instrumental to their romance.

LeslieJane - *waving* I'm in Orange so Anaheim is just a city over from me. And the warm temps are too warm for me. Ugh. I'm from NoCal so I prefer it in the 60's.

Robynl - They are complex! But they are worth the read!

Thanks to all of you for coming by. If you stop by Pink Petal Books you can get a copy of my free Christmas stories, one of which is about the Antaeus family!

Kiyara_HotRomanceNovels said...

I had no idea Kathleen Woodiwiss used bondage themes in her work! However, I've only read a coupla her books. Learn something new every day!

Anonymous said...

Love the blog, Lex. Loved hearing the background to one of my favorite books. And that is so sweet about Rott. What a tribute to him!

Jackie Uhrmacher said...

You're going to kill me with all this name dropping. If you love those authors, then I'll have to buy them. Sooo not good. : )

The way you wrote the scene can't be construed as violent if you know the characters. Seeing how they acted toward each other in previous books and then this one makes the action fit the characters. No worries. It's beautiful.

Janice said...

Hi Lex,

You write beautifully, and your sex scene you were worrying about works really well.

Happy anniversary to you and Rott.