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Monday, December 28, 2009


I believe in Father Christmas.

No, really I do. Now obviously I do know that the jolly, round fella in a red suit doesn’t bring the toys for girls and boys on Christmas Eve because for the last 8 years I’ve been Santa for my little girl but I do still believe in the spirit of Father Christmas.

The reason for the season maybe the birth of the little baby Jesus and I never lose sight of that either but the mythical man with the bushy beard has his own importance too. He personifies the Spirit of Christmas. He shows you the real joy of Christmas. Does Santa receive gifts? No, he gives them away and this giving is what makes Christmas what it should be.

Father Christmas works all year round with his elves to provide toys for the world’s children. He travels the globe in one night, pops down more chimneys than you can count, faces more snarling dogs than your average postman and does it all for a few cookies, the odd mince pie and a few drinks of milk or brandy. Now that is dedication!

We need to be more and more like Santa. No, I’m not saying we should all end up with a ‘little round belly like a bowl full of jelly’ or grow a full bushy beard and wear red a lot. I mean that we all need to realise that the best part of the presents is in giving them at Christmastime. And not only is it important to remember that at Christmas but all year round too. It is more satisfying to give than to receive and when you go into your day wondering what you can give to others instead of what will you get in that day it makes your time far more pleasurable. If we could all think like that I do believe the world would be an all round better place.

I love Christmas and I love writing Christmas stories because of this unique view on giving and loving that comes at this time of year. In my latest release from Total-E-Bound ( Christmas Spirit Warms the Heart - Father Christmas has a large starring roll. He brings my two lovers together, awww. I couldn’t resist the idea of Santa as a matchmaker, he does so much good I thought that he probably would help two shy, retiring types to get together and fall in love. You see, Father Christmas is never too busy to use the personal touch!

I hope you had lots of fun giving this year, what was the favourite gift you gave this past Christmas and what was the person’s response to it?

Victoria Blisse


robynl said...

we gave our only granddaughter a carousel horse cut out of wood and painted in dusty roses and green. On the pole there was ribbon wound around in the same colors. She really liked it and went right over to her Mom and showed it to her. She is going to put it in her bedroom. The horse's legs where in the position that they are on merry-go-rounds.

Virginia C said...

I gave a friend and her husband a very pretty, large stained glass suncatcher. They live in a Victorian-era house, and there are some stained-glass windows throughout the house. They both agreed in which room to place the suncatcher! I love the way they have decorated their house from top to bottom in nostalgia!

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

LeslieJane said...

What, no Father Christmas? Just ruining all my beliefs.

Our family had a very light Christmas this year. I think that the best present us kids gave to our parents was all making sure we could go on cruise with them in the middle of December for their 50th anniversary. My parents were so pleased to have us all together.

sherry said...

I gave my nieces a loop kit that you can make potholders (makes four) and they did all four in one evening one after another.

victoriablisse said...

Such lovely gifts! I got several thoughtful gifts, a diary and pen both hand painted, a peacock blue picture frame that reminds me of a trip I went on with my mum and sister and fluffy warm slipper boots from My sister. She knows my feet get really cold. It's amazing how good it feels to receive a present you know has been really thought about. :)