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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


New Year’s Revolutions

By Ari Thatcher

No, that’s not a typo. I’m talking about complete and sometimes radical change. Why set trivial goals when we can effect real change?

As most women of a certain age, I have to lose a few (quite a few) pounds. I also want to exercise more. Write more and better steamy romance books. Be more organized. Is my list close to yours?

Since they are so prevalent at this time of year, I’ve been visiting the sites of respected TV doctors and fitness gurus for advice. I know how to eat healthy. I know how to exercise regularly. So why am I overweight yet again? One site gave me my answer in a few simple questions.

Mayo Clinic Online asks if you are ready to make long-term lifestyle changes, and if you’ve resolved any emotional or stress issues that hold you back. No matter what change you hope to bring to your life, if you don’t want real change and if your day is filled with stress, you will find something to keep yourself from correcting the crutches we use to survive.

New shoes. Chocolate. Cigarettes. And Saturday nights spent at home alone watching romantic comedy movies. Or curled up with a favorite book. Except for the cigarettes, none of these things are awful, really. But are they all you want for yourself?

Let’s make real change! Fix the budget problems that flare up every payday. Learn to love yourself enough to give a darn about getting off your chair and moving around. Believe you are worth loving, so you’ll attract the perfect man for you.

Do you see why I’m talking revolution? It’s time to revolt against the weak self-image and embrace the loving, deserving being inside. We are worth it. Once we convince ourselves of that, money, men, love, all the good stuff will begin to flow to us. We can read those sexy romances for ideas to share, rather than a replacement for connecting with someone.

What about your life would you like to change forever? What’s keeping you from doing so? Focus on correcting the issues and you’ll lose the need for whatever crutch is holding you back. Let’s make this decade the one where we celebrate the real person inside us all, so we can live happily ever after.

When not organizing revolutions, Ari Thatcher writes erotic romance, makes quilts, and dreams of grandkids to come. She lives in cougar heaven, Los Angeles, California, with her two dogs, a rabbit, guinea pig and a bird. You can keep up with her mindless ramblings and recent release, Kyle’s Redemption, at her website.


vikkibakus said...

The New Year's Revolution is ON! Great inspirational post, especially like the idea of ditching crutches.

Carolyn Matkowsky said...

I love the idea of New Year's Revolution. And you are so right that some of us are willing to accept the status quo. I need to motivate myself in my writing and in my life. I find I get too complacent. I loved "Kyle's Redemption."

Ann Whitaker said...

Cougar Heaven--too funny.

Loved "Kyle's Redemption." Love the idea of a New Year's "Revolution."

I'm going to get out of this recliner right now start my own revolution.

OK, I'm moving...moving. Legs working. Refrigerator in sight, now opening the door...