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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Men in uniform! The ultimate Alpha hero, right? My books tend to revolve around them. My heroes are ones who wear uniforms in one way or another. Whether he is law enforcement, or a football player, I find men who wear uniforms super sexy. Just my type of hero.

The Alpha male tends to be the preferred hero for most romance readers. They want a hero who is sexy and is a “take charge” type of guy. For example, in my first release, Banged Up (a m/f erotic contemporary with Liquid Silver Books), my hero is an FBI agent. Even though he comes home to heal physically from a bad gunshot wound, he is still a strong man and proves it in his actions. He’s a typical Alpha male.

I wrote my second release, Rip Cord (a m/m erotic novella), for a special call for submission that Phaze Books had. They were looking for short stories for their themed “Heatsheets” and I decided to write one for the “rebel” theme. Thinking of current events, I realized pro football players (who I find very hot!) have been very bad boys lately! They can be quite the rebels. So I came up with Ripley “Rip” Cord, the Bad Boy of the NFL. However, I needed to pair him up with someone. And two Alpha males can bump heads (and egos) so I created Gil.

Every once in a while, I know I (as a reader – not just a writer) love to read something out of the norm, like a hero who is NOT Alpha, but Beta. Or just a plain nerd. That’s what Gil is – a computer geek. I wrote Rip Cord strictly in Gil’s point of view since it was a short story. But he truly is not someone who is strong-willed. He is unsure of himself and doesn’t have a rebellious or aggressive bone in his body. But it was so much fun writing the story in his eyes. It was a change for me and I hope readers enjoy it too.

Now, how about my third release, Double Dare, which comes out this month with Loose Id? Double Dare is a ménage a trois, where the heroine joins an already established m/m relationship. I needed my Alpha hero (Logan), a Beta (Ty) and my heroine. However, Ty, who, by the way, is another pro football player, is hardly a wimp. He “allows” Logan to be the Dominant in their relationship. He accepts it because he enjoys it and loves his partner, Logan. But Ty could be an Alpha in his own right. He is a very manly man. And yummy to boot!

So what is my point in all this? I love to read and write about Alpha males. But it is nice sometimes to take a break from all that testosterone and write and read about a non-Alpha, like Gil. It made me (and the hopefully the readers) root just a little harder for him.

Jeanne St. James loves to write about an Alpha male (or two). She has a m/f erotic contemporary romance, Banged Up, out with Liquid Silver Books. It is bringing in some GREAT reviews! Read more about it at She also has a m/m erotic novella, Rip Cord, out with Phaze Books. Read more about it at This month her third release, an interracial m/m/f ménage a trois, Double Dare, is releasing with Loose Id. Find info here:

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sherry said...

I think you did a great job with Gil and Rip they make a great couple. Is there going to be another story about them? If there is I would love it. Maybe a follow up about them if they stay a couple. How about this please please write more about them.