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Monday, January 11, 2010



I’m a huge science fiction buff. When it comes to aliens, alternate worlds, and clever uses of new or imagined technology, I really do become a geek. Sci-fi is fun, provides limitless venues through which an author might express speculative ideas, and allows one’s imagination to soar to new heights. For these reasons, when Ravenous Romance asked me if I would be interested in writing an erotic space trek, I jumped on it—and I’m so glad that I did.

Lust in Space, which won Best Book of the Week here at Whipped Cream in June of 2009, is probably one of the most fun books I have had the privilege to write. Based on the deep space exploration ship, Pandora’s Hope, the story captures the campy essence of my favorite episodic space adventures, most notably Star Trek and Red Dwarf, while also working as a highly experimental erotica piece and a light, heartfelt romance. The crew runs into problems at seemingly every turn, from passing through a patch of space inhabited by dream-possessing aliens that live off tantric energy, to contracting a space flu that sends the entire crew into fevered, orgiastic frenzy, to human-alien dynamics with which the crew handles with soap opera-like dramatics.

Science fiction is such a broad genre, and that is one of the reasons erotic and romantic science fiction is so much fun to read and write. Who hasn’t wondered, while watching a favorite episode of Star Trek or reading a sci-fi classic, “How might these characters take their relationship(s) to a further level? What fun possibilities might there be between a human and an alien? What might that say about us?” In Lust in Space, I strove to answer those questions, working to push my readers’ boundaries without going too far, stretching my own limits as a writer, and taking the human-alien dynamic to places never before explored. The result is an erotic experience that is unique and outrageously fun.

A few months ago, the publisher approached me about transforming Lust in Space into a sweet romance, for use in an exclusive collection of books the company planned to sell through the Home Shopping Network. As HSN does not sell erotica, but was excited at the opportunity to sell romance, I found myself with a unique writing opportunity: take my kinky, erotic space trek and turn it into a work that I could share with even a broader audience. From it arose Love in Space, the sweet sister book to Lust in Space, which follows the same basic plotline, but takes the story to an entirely new level. Because the length needed to be about 10,000 words longer than was its predecessor, I was able to develop the characters more fully, enrich the romance between main characters Nora and Robert, and—best of all—I was able to add in a new “episode” to the story. In the new episode, the team embarks on an away mission to a planet inhabited by androids created by a long-deceased group of rogue human explorers. In the androids’ attempt to emulate the society they were initially built to serve, they offer a glimpse of the positive and negative aspects to human nature, which is really what reading and writing speculative/literary science fiction is all about. Through both stories, Love in Space and Lust in Space, I was able to portray various themes and current events, offering not only a fun and enjoyable space trek, but also commentary on our world, society, and human behavior.

That’s what I love most about science fiction, and that’s why I’m so proud to have both of these stories available to share with you.

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Lisa Lane

Lisa Lane lives in Las Vegas with her husband and their two cats. She has authored over a dozen novels and screenplays, as well as numerous short stories and essays, and she prides herself in her ability to move between different genres and formats. Her literary influences include Olaf Stapledon, Kurt Vonnegut, and Anne Rice.


sherry said...

This sounds like a great opportunity for you to broaden your fan base I think that great for you. I hope you get a lot more readers although I love erotica.

Lisa Lane said...

Thanks so much, Sherry!