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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It is odd, the way life works out. It is as if things within a child’s life directly impact, if not define, the pathway of their future. As a little girl I always had thoughts in my head, stories if you will, and those thoughts became my friends.

Having been an only child I spent a lot of time talking to the imaginary people I’d created within my mind. Those conversations however, weren’t with invisible people in my life as I carried on a normal day. In fact, my imagination carried me to a far-away land, and usually into the presence of famous people. As a teenager my best friend and I attended separate schools and often wrote lengthy letters (stories) to share with each other about the football jocks or the guys in the local rock band.

When I became an adult however, I realized that the stories were still there, but with greater detail. It was the death of someone very special that helped me realize that those stories which had helped me escape loneliness as a child could do the same as an adult. With a pen in hand I drifted away to a land where my hero was still very much alive, and death could never take him away. As time progressed the need to “let go” of the pain and move forward had me migrating toward the creation of other heroes much like the one I’d lost. It was the beginning of the creation of the Alpha-males from my books. The men bigger than life, stronger than nails but with a soft spot that only one woman ever finds.

Far From Innocent, released in August 2009, is a story about lust, love and knowing the difference between the two. It found its way onto many bestseller lists, which for me was a milestone within itself. It was hard for me to imagine that the public would want to read something I’d written. It wasn’t hard however, to believe that the women of the world love those Alpha-males. It is a given that the plot always changes, but you can always count on me to have those strong men who all contain a small part of the hero I once lost.

Hell Bent, my second novella was co-written with Judith Noelle, a long time friend. The book had a tentative release date in January, but sometimes those things just don’t work out. With any luck it will be available in early March, 2010. The story line is more complicated, involving a stalker, and a strong woman who needed a hero in her life. I’ve actually found that I enjoy writing suspenseful stories involving “bad guys” that need to be stopped. In my writing, however, don’t always depend on the hero to be the one to stop the bad guy, because I think all women have an inner strength that is grossly underrated.

Death and Summer Rain, my third novella has a tentative release date of late March, 2010. This novella has a thriller twist. The lead female witnessed a serial killer disposing of a body. She narrowly escapes with her life, only to find that the complications of having seen the killer were almost as detrimental as having died. With full time guards, and a lead detective that was hot as a firecracker her life flew into a tailspin. The question is, can the firecracker of a detective keep her safe from the man who’d evaded him for months or would she be the next victim?

Will there ever be a time when erotic romance readers don’t want Alpha-males? Well I’m no psychic, but I certainly hope not. I for one can’t imagine life without those characters. Be it a fireman, a karate instructor, or a lumberjack, the world needs Alpha-males.

As women continue to evolve, and become inherently stronger, we may become our own heroes. We may even become the heroes of men. Regardless of what the future holds however, I’m thankful for the release that creating Alpha-males has given me. Through my stories I’ve learned to let go of the past, and to share the love that was so full and vibrant in my own life.

Arlene Knowell lives with her husband T.W. in a small town in North Mississippi. She is a lifelong animal lover and enjoys working with her agility dogs when time permits. Working full time and managing a home leaves little time for hobbies in her life but she somehow finds time to escape her troubles and responsibilities by writing. She loves to travel and hopes that someday she and T.W. can retire and travel extensively. Until then however, the rat race continues, and she learns day by day that it isn’t about who finishes the race first, but rather who stops to appreciate the sunsets along the way.


s7anna said...

Hey Arlene,
You're a new author for me and I can't wait to read your books...I'm putting it on my wishlist.

Happy Reading

booklover0226 said...

Arelene, your works sound great; I look forward in reading them.

Tracey D

Arlene Knowell said...

Special thanks to WC for allowing me an opportunity to blog. It is deeply appreciated.
I also want to thank those who took time to read and comment on my post. As rewarding as it is to have books "on the shelves", I've learned that it is but a shadow in comparison to knowing someone enjoyed reading your work. Thank everyone!