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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Overcoming the obstacles to writing erotic fiction

I’ve written for a very long time and in all that time I’ve always written romance be it western, historical, contemp – there’s always been a romantic element. But when I decided to try my hand at writing an erotic novel, I found myself with a rather unusual obstacle.

How do I write something that, frankly, I wasn’t sure my family would accept me writing – while not dying of embarrassment? After much soul searching and question asking, I knuckled under and decided on two things.

1. Erotic fiction is the same as romance – its just steamier, juicier…and after all sex sells.

2. I’m not writing for my friends or family. I write because it’s a part of me – part of my identity.

So with those two thoughts in mind, I began the rather long and often times embarrassing endeavor of writing a novel with more graphic lovemaking in it than I’d ever attempted. I like to think I succeeded…and would love to lengthen the novel – but its too late now hehe.

Was it easy? No, writing The Viscount’s Prize was one of the hardest things I’ve ever chosen to do. Not because of the time period or the plot that underlined the novel…but because for the first time I was exploring a part of my writing that I’ve always kinda stayed away from. I’m glad I did. Writing it put me in touch with another part of my muse, a part that has helped to guide me in my next quest…something that’s beyond anything I’ve ever attempted before.

A long time writer, Patricia lives in British Columbia with her son, husband, cats and fish. She’s currently working on a new project that’s beyond anything she’s ever attempted – a paranormal erotic novella to be put together with another erotic novel for submission as a duology as well as working for an independent press, and another Irish novel.

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