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Monday, March 15, 2010


The Two Month Catch Up

It occurred to me this morning while wearing a mask and doing what I consider the worst job in the house, cleaning the tub, that I’ve come a long way in the last two months. Even a week ago, this tedious and disgusting job would have taken my breath away and left me in need of a nap. Now I’m not writing today to say, “Oh poor me! I’ve been sick since the second week of January.” I’m actually telling you this to get some advice.

What happens and what do you do when the world refuses to stop? I mean, really! The least it could have done was wait for me to get better so I could look at my computer screen without feeling the need to topple over from vertigo. (Sinus infection) Then of course, there was the fact my muse, Betsy, was sick too. She didn’t want to read, write, or converse with anyone. During this time I had a few live chats but I dreaded them more than enjoyed because of the constant blowing of my now raw nose and the torturous coughing which left me weak and, dare I say, pissed off! (Bronchitis & double pneumonia) I don’t believe people outside of the writing world understand what pressure there is on us; the late nights, endless edits, eye strain, finger aches, and the dreaded deadlines. Oh, the deadlines! Most aren’t the kinds that are given with the dates and corrections clearly written out. Nope. We have self-imposed ones that require time management and restrictions on how long you can clean the house after the children have left for school.

But now I’m recovering and ready for Spring. The temperature has risen to a blessed fifty-sixty degrees and the sun is out. This I can not deny; I’m glad Winter is almost over but now I’m playing catch up with two months of work. I guess this is the same for everyone. There isn’t a person that I know which hasn’t had this problem at one time. However, the writing world won’t wait. There are people relying on you to perform for their blogs, edits, reviews, and speeches. Why just yesterday I was a guest speaker at a local high school for over ninety teachers. You can’t sign up for something like that and not be there; what does it say about you and what will those people say to others? A missed opportunity is what it would have been.

As I was saying earlier before I went on my rant, I was cleaning the tub this morning with a mask on because of the bleach smell. While doing this I realized we, as a people, tend to bite off more than we can chew. So how do you manage to keep your home and work moving when life has decided to knock you out? What sure-fire ways are there to keep on top of it all when the pile before you is teetering? I tried doing a little every day, delegated chores out to the children and my ever patient husband. Even went so far as to refuse the fact that I was sick, thinking it would help. I am Super Woman after all! LOL In the end though, I slept and wondered, “How do some people make it look so easy?” and “Gosh, I hope the teenager is still taking regular showers!”

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