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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

GUEST BLOG: Tory Richards

I'm Having an Affair!

And it's not my first. Please don't tell anyone. But I couldn't help myself! The minute I saw Blake, and our eyes met, I was hooked. Handsome in a rugged kind of way, he towered over my five foot three inch frame like a mountain. He had a military hair cut that suited his strong jaw, and intense I gotta have you now eyes sent tingles over my whole body. I actually felt my breath quicken.

He was wearing a black tee shirt. Something clingy that revealed his sculptured torso, and the muscles flexing in his biceps. The lower half of his body looked like it was poured into faded jeans that defined his powerful thighs, and a bulge behind his zipper that left my mouth watering. My mind wandering. My blood pressure was rising and I was thinking it was a good thing I'd taken my pill that morning.

The closer he got to me, the more I was able to catch the subtle musk of his aftershave. It sucked me in and I began to tremble. I forgot all about having a husband. For a moment I was a young woman again, and I pretended the sexy half smile on his chiseled face was meant for me. He was looking at me like he was hungry, and not for food. His intense stare slowly lowered down my voluptuous form, making me wish I had on something sexier than baggy peddle pushers and an even baggier blouse. Well, at least I'd shaved my legs!

God he was sexy! And I was hot. I felt myself blushing and smiled when he finally reached me. Maybe he had a thing for older, chunky women. I could only hope.

“Hi,” I said, my heart fluttering. Did I know this hunk?

“Excuse me,” he said, as he continued around me.

My smile disappeared. I turned and watched him walk to a small Toyota parked along the curve, where a pretty young woman sat behind the wheel. And then Talk Dirty to Me was born.

I hope by now that you realize the affair is with my current hero, Blake. And it's only in my mind. You can meet the sexy oil driller on May 24th at Ellora's Cave, when the erotic Quickie is released. More information can be found on my website, blog and the publisher's websites.

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Talk Dirty to Me blurb - Lilly has been in love with her brother's best friend Blake for years. She lost her virginity to the oil driller on her eighteenth birthday, only to wake the next morning to find him gone. After he pulled that stunt twice more, she swore never to see or talk to him again. But now he's back for her brother's wedding, and he's as sexy as she remembers.

Blake thinks Lilly's even sexier than ever. Unable to resist one another, they don't make it out of the airport parking lot before taking up where they left off. As the two rediscover their passion for each other, nothing and nowhere is off limits!

Bio -

Tory is a multi-published, best selling author who lives in Florida with her soul mate and three crazy cats. She likes to travel, preferably by cruise ship, and doesn't like to fly but will if she has to. She collects antiques and art. Loves chocolate, who doesn't? And good coffee.

Tory has wanted to be a writer since she was a kid, only life got in the way of her dreams. A few years ago, with the support and encouragement of her family, she decided to get serious. Her romances are laced with humor and filled with suspense and sizzling sex.

Monday, April 26, 2010


A month ago, I was asked by XoXo Publishing to come up with an idea along with Sherri Gold, an editor at XoXo Publishing, to put together a collection of short stories we called it, Tea For Mom and Me: A Mother’s Day Anthology.

There are not many publishers out there doing this kind of specialty publishing. Doesn't it make sense to celebrate holidays, special dates and commemorate the most glorious days of our year with what's in our hearts on those very days? XoXo Publishing is one of those companies that reach out to the hearts of the reading public on those days and any days. People are yearning for words of thoughtful reflections on those special days. They want guidance and instruction on what those days really mean, and why they are significant. Some newcomers from other lands are not always familiar with the holidays and celebrations of other cultures. Some have never heard of these festivals, holidays or special days before. XoXo Publishing authors including myself strive by writing about such special days, we are informing the reading public about why these days are so significant. Tea For Mom and Me: A Mother’s Day Anthology is a wonderful collection of short stories, poetry, memories and recipes will touch everyone's heart and soul, both young and old.

One short story is based on a true story of my son and my Mom. I decided to write it as a children’s story since I'm branching out to other genres and this is one genre that I love. I found that many people had a wonderful story tale to tell about their mom and many have lost their moms to cancer or old age. I know the feeling of losing someone close. I lost both my father and grandma three years ago (she passed 3 months after my father). A day does not go by without getting teary eyed when I think of her. I still hear her laughter, and her singing. I still hear her counting the gnocchi's one by one, which she made by hand and taught me how to make them the same way. I will always remember her teaching me or telling me something about her life. Her words of wisdom and understanding of life in general has taught me what I know today. She is the one that has shown me the right way and how to move on.

My Mamma is the same way. She is a very active and lovely woman, intelligent and kind. Nonna never raised her voice to anyone, and Mamma is the same way. Mamma taught me many things that Nonna never did, but I appreciate all she has done for me in the past and now. I thank Mamma for her never-ending support and understanding, for loving me unconditionally, for teaching me to give and love my own children unconditionally and most of all, for showing me what a mother's love really is. I thank God for Nonna, but most of all I thank God for my Mamma. I love you!

Mom and grandma used to make my brothers and me this breakfast. She used to say that the breakfast fairy Morgande made it, and that she would turn us into hard bread if we didn’t have our breakfast. My mom now makes it for my children with love.

RIP Nonna-Grandma, Brianna XoXo

Mamma's and Nonna's Recipe

Bread of the Fairy Morgande

By Nonnie and Nonna

1 slice of day- old Italian bread

1 to 2 cups of hot milk

1 to 2 tablespoons of sugar

1 teaspoon of chocolate chips cookies (*optional)

* You may substitute fresh small bite fruits or sliced ones. .

1. Heat the milk, making sure that it won’t burn. Let it stand for a few minutes until it cools off to be drunk without burning yourself.
2. In a bowl break the hard bread into pieces appropriately for the person you’re making this for (aka child size).
3. Sprinkle the sugar, and chocolate chip.
4. Pour over the hot milk, and serve hot or warm.
5. Enjoy, this recipe is delicious as a snack, breakfast or midnight snack.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


People often compare writing a novel to having a child. It's true, too, and the more of them you write, the more the analogy holds true. The path to each one is different, and all of them their own special place in your heart. Raising them is similar too.

The first time, I was nervous. I didn't know what I was doing, I felt like I was fumbling all over the place. I jumped into the project with a lot of enthusiasm but not much know how, which was fine, because there were people at every turn, just waiting to give me advice. As with my first child, I took all this advice very seriously, even though it sent me down the wrong road a time or two. When one direction didn't work, I had reevaluate what I was doing and try a whole new approach. Eventually, though, we round our rhythm and the work began to go smoothly.

Once my first novel was out in the world and I felt I could truly call myself an author, I decided it was time to write another. I went into it this one with a lot more confidence. I mean, if I could do it once, I could certainly do it again right? Piece of cake.

But, as with children, the experience was completely different. Everything I thought I knew went right out the window, nothing seemed to apply. Sure, the mechanics were all the same, but the result was totally unexpected, and again…I had to learn a whole new bag of tricks.

The primary problem with the first novel was deciding what it really was. Should it be a mystery, or a romance? I started with the romance, but when it reached a certain point, I started to feel that the mystery I was creating had some real merit and maybe I should go that direction. So, I stripped all the romance out of it and rearranged things. I went along like that for a while, but it just didn't feel right, I had to go back to my own natural method. Again, I had to reorganize the story, cut and paste text and merge it all together again. What I learned from this book was I actually was capable of doing such a drastic overhaul.

The second novel presented me with a whole new challenge. When I got the idea for the plot, everything fell into place pretty easily and before I knew it, I had a good solid plotline. Before I'd even started writing, I knew how it started, I knew what happened all the way through, and I knew just how it ended. I was thrilled and couldn't wait to get going. Unfortunately, this time the problem was word count. As I drew ever closer to the conclusion of my story, I knew there was no way I was going to make the required word count for my publisher. What to do? Well, I learned real quick how to create subplots that support the main storyline and expand the story without being fluff. I'm so pleased with how the finished product came out and how much richer the story is.

Now I'm starting my third novel and wondering what the challenges and lessons of this one will be. Experience has taught me that I shouldn't count on anything to be the same. I'm having a little harder time pulling this plot together, kind of like getting a fussy toddler to cooperate. Meanwhile, my other two are still demanding my attention. The difficult teenager, my first novel, has been giving me trouble with the print release, and the second one is coming up for edits any time now. But, like all families, we're working it out, and my little brood is doing well.

Elle Parker likes her heroes snarky and human, and she writes with a realism that incorporates humor and everyday detail into steamy and exciting stories. Although she writes a few forms of erotica, her first love and primary focus is M/M Erotic Romance. She works hard to create characters you can't help but fall in love with.

Most of the time, Elle can be found in her home in the north woods of Wisconsin, working on her latest novel, or spending time with her husband and teenaged kids. When not writing, she likes reading, brewing beer and swimming with the loons. Unless it's winter. In that case she grabs a book and drinks the beer.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Kobe Bryant - Hugh Grant - Bill Clinton - Tiger Woods

What do these 4 men have in common? They all had extra marital affairs? No! That is not the case! I am sorry!

Sure they stepped out on their wives, but that’s not what they have in common. The issue with these men is that they all got money that can last them for days. Forget days! Years! Yet, with all that wealth, they have allowed scandals like that to be leaked out to the public eye?

I’m sorry, but if I had their money, and even if I was as famous as Michael Jackson (God rest his soul), I would not be found out the way they were.

Now, that is only for those who were caught by the media and had to be made a spectacle before our eyes of their sad situation.

Now those who were caught, not by their ignorance, but by a vindictive woman... Now that is another story.

A woman who wanted the 15 minutes of fame; her spot in the lime light; or the woman who wanted to have the man, but couldn’t because that place was occupied by the woman he swore fidelity in the presence of God and men.

I guess I can’t blame a guy who gets thrown under the bus by a woman who has an agenda like that. I mean, if I had to deal with it, I’d require the services of Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer) in the TV series 24.

Pretty much like James Williams, the main character in my book, Valentine’s Day. He loved his wife, Leah, but gave in to temptation for just one moment.

Although he backed out at the last minute and didn’t fully cheat on his wife, he felt guilty of dabbling in sin and decided to keep the information from his wife.

The woman he was with, Amelia, wanted revenge. She was not Tiger Woods’ mistress who felt like it was her duty to go to the media and expose their union in unholy adultery, nor was she that young Colorado woman who tried to get money from Kobe Bryant, but later was found to be looser than anything.

She was a vindictive and powerful woman whose only reason was an unsatisfying and incomplete sexual experience.

I do not condone cheating in any way, shape or form; but if you’re going to do it, be smart about it!

1981 was the year that the Democratic Republic of Congo welcomed one of its most artistic sons in Robert Mulolo.

The year after his birth, Robert and his mother moved to France to be with his father. Robert spent 8 years of his childhood in Paris’ greater area.

His father moved him and his family to Montreal, Canada where Robert learned his English watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Through his love of the show, Robert started writing scripts where he would incorporate himself as a character for the show at the young age of 14; however, he was unable to achieve that dream as the show ended in 1996.

But Robert never lost his passion to write as he kept writing scripts for movies he would like to be in. His family again moved from Montreal, but this time, to Toronto, Ontario. There, Robert was in an all English school and through the help of one teacher, Ms. Pereira, he changed his scripts to actual short stories.
Robert Mulolo

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Life as Erotic Inspiration

An author often gets asked the question, “Where do you get your inspiration?” When you are a romance or erotic author, this is often accompanied by a knowing twinkle in the asker’s eye, or possibly even an elbow nudge. While most won’t say out it loud, what they really want to know is whether my steamy fiction takes its cues from my wildly sensual real life.

The truth is yes, life is my most erotic source of inspiration. That does not mean I lounge around in garters and high heels, or that I have (necessarily) field-tested every naughty scenario my characters get into. But I do look for the erotica in all things by putting on my sensual-colored glasses. Try planet-watching some time with a mood to see the sex, and you’ll find all the inspiration you need. From the flexing of a man’s sinewy forearm when he picks up the morning newspaper to the stirring twist and bend of tall grass while caressed with a gentle breeze, sensual inspiration can be found anywhere, anytime. Erotica isn’t just about what goes on between the sheets (or on top of the executive’s desk), but about how a character experiences even mundane things while under the influence of their libido. So when I write a sizzling tale like my ménage romance KATA SUTRA, I look to how I can treat readers to an erotic undercurrent throughout, whether seeing martial arts as a sleek depiction of the male sexual form or a motorcycle as an extension of a male’s roaring passion.

J. Rose Allister is an award-winning short story writer who writes her erotic romance novels from her desk in the sizzling, sultry Southern California desert. Her website is

Monday, April 12, 2010



What is it about erotic romance that is so freeing? We love to read stories of extremesensuality, but for those like myself who also write erotic romance there is an added element. Although I'm a self-confessed wallflower, I love exploring the boundaries of the erotic in my writing. I've come to realize what an empowering gift erotic romance has given women.

Reading erotic romance novels allows a woman to explore her own unique femininity in ways she might not ever think to do in real life. The stories consist of heroines who evolve as they explore their sensuality. So much of real life is about fitting into a mold that conforms to society's demands.

As mothers we nurture, as sisters we are confidants, as wives we are supporters but what are we as women? I have an associate's degree in psychology and have worked as a volunteer detention officer in a jail, yet I write stories of an erotic nature. I am a brain, an alpha female, and a creature of sensuality. My varied interests and attitudes combine to create a woman who most resembles a brilliant diamond with thousands of facets.

This is the truth of all women, including those who write and read straight romances. We are all sparkling diamonds. Erotic romance gives us all the opportunity to howl at the moon, laugh as we stand under a rainstorm, or simply scream. The depth of expression in erotic romance allows us to enjoy the intensity of life, whatever life may bring our way.

So then, what we are as women are lovers…lovers of ourselves and lovers to life itself. Never should a woman let opportunity pass her by to revel in the glorious sensuality of her existence. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing unfettered joy upon a woman's face, whatever the source.

Why do you read erotic romance? Are the characters someone you fantasize about being, or do they reflect your own passion for life? Either way, never forget to express yourself. Nothing is more precious than the way we sparkle with brilliance, gracing others with our zest for life.

I can be reached through my website I love to hear from readers so drop me a note.


Mary Corrales is an avid reader of all types of romance books. Her current releases include a paranormal erotic romance titled Dhampir Passions through Eternal Press; as well as two short erotica stories titled Dangerous Moves and Clandestine Eyes through Breathless press. She is currently working on another paranormal erotic romance as well as a futuristic erotic romance.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Men are an Alien species

The book Men are from Mars has been around for years so I know this revelation isn’t entirely new, but the guy who wrote it got wrong. Women are from Earth, we have the world worked out to prove it, but men are from somewhere far further out in space that Mars. You can see Earth from Mars so you’d expect a Martian to have some idea of how things work. Most men act like they took a small step for a man and a great leap for mankind just this morning.

Put them in front of a computer or any of that technical stuff they would have needed to navigate from their home planet to here and they’re fine. Put them in front of an iron and they stare at it blankly. Send them out to battle and the galactic warrior comes to the fore and they perform at their very best. Confront them with the virus that causes the common cold...note the adjective, and they collapse into a horrified heap, certain that if they are not instantly waited on hand and foot they will die after a brief period of excruciating suffering.

If you suspect the man in your life is an alien, here are a set of behaviors to watch out for.

1. The Cock Spot Check. At home, at work, in the street, observe the alien male’s fascination with his new reproductive equipment. Whether it’s a quick touch to check it’s still there or the lingering cup and hitch, alien males need constant reassurance that the dangly bits they’ve been given have not disappeared.

2. Self Admiration. Related to the cock check, but performed at home when there is either a) a mirror or preferably b) a female. This is the strip naked, stroke and waggle manuevre, frequently accompanied by a sideways flick or an injunction to Check this out. Bet you want a piece of that big boy.

3. Failure to realize that in human anatomy, the penis, no matter how large or upright, is not a separate entity and therefore does not require a name.

4. Failure to understand that said names, including John Thomas, Percy, Old Feller, Harry Johnson, Harry Wang, The little soldier, Willie, Dick, My little pony, Power Drill, Jack, Larry, Jack-in-the-box, do not make Earth females fall to the floor in admiration of either the size of said member or the wit of its owner.

5. Breast Fixation. The alien male seems unable to adjust to the fact that Earth women have breasts. Any time a pair of breasts appears in front of him his attention drops to them and remains there.

6. Information Frenzy. In the deep limbic recesses of his brain, the alien male is programmed to search for as much information as possible. This trait emerges when he relaxes. He sits down in front of a television, remote control in hand and instinct takes over. The thumb twitches and the picture on the screen flashes from channel to channel over and over and over again. Watched that particular station in two second bursts three times already? It doesn’t matter to the alien male. He is compelled to keep flicking in an endless quest to make sure that the enemy hasn’t crept up and taken over the television while he wasn’t looking.

7. Lack of Understanding of Human Nutrition. The alien male does believe fruit and vegetables are necessary to the diet. He does understand that eating what is put in front of him will often placate the female of the species, but this awareness will never extend to the point where he will peel or cut fruit for his own consumption.

8. Lack of knowledge about the length of the Earth Year. The alien male is used to a planet where the rotation around the sun takes much longer. The shorter time span means that dates creep up on him unawares, explaining why he so often fails to register the arrival of important occasions like anniversaries and birthdays.

9. Metabolic Incompetence. Ingestion of alcohol destroys the alien male’s most fundamental biological drive—self preservation. This threat is signalled by any behaviour that follows the words, “Hey guys, look at what I can do.”

10. Linguistic Confusion. The alien male does not understand any of the subtler nuances of language. He continually fails to realise that nothing in “Nothing’s wrong, all right” does not mean that nothing is wrong; that the question, “Does this make me look fat?” is not a request for a body mass index discussion; and that “It’s not you, it’s me”, actually means it is you.

What do you do if, after reading this list, you believe the man in your life is indeed an alien? Step One. Do not panic. You are not alone. Many, many females find themselves in the same position. The good news is, alien males can be domesticated and their endless fascination with Earth females works to our benefit. That penis they are so pleased with is so often at our command.

If you discover an alien male in your vicinity: go about your business as normal. The authorities are aware of the situation and while you should be alert, you need not be alarmed. Aliens are among us, but they are mostly harmless.

Alysha Ellis used to be a sweet, conservative girl (Yeah right, like anyone would ever believe that!) Then her Inner Tart escaped its shackles and demanded to be heard. Other writers have a muse, Alysha has a wild woman whispering dirty stories in her ear.

When she isn't listening gob-smacked to the extraordinary tales her tart feeds her and writing them down for others to read, Alysha can most usually be found snow skiing, drinking champagne or eating large amounts of chocolate.
Having yielded to the influence of her evil inner self, Alysha has made a discovery she'd like to share with you all...Bad girls have all the fun.

Watching Amy