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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Life as Erotic Inspiration

An author often gets asked the question, “Where do you get your inspiration?” When you are a romance or erotic author, this is often accompanied by a knowing twinkle in the asker’s eye, or possibly even an elbow nudge. While most won’t say out it loud, what they really want to know is whether my steamy fiction takes its cues from my wildly sensual real life.

The truth is yes, life is my most erotic source of inspiration. That does not mean I lounge around in garters and high heels, or that I have (necessarily) field-tested every naughty scenario my characters get into. But I do look for the erotica in all things by putting on my sensual-colored glasses. Try planet-watching some time with a mood to see the sex, and you’ll find all the inspiration you need. From the flexing of a man’s sinewy forearm when he picks up the morning newspaper to the stirring twist and bend of tall grass while caressed with a gentle breeze, sensual inspiration can be found anywhere, anytime. Erotica isn’t just about what goes on between the sheets (or on top of the executive’s desk), but about how a character experiences even mundane things while under the influence of their libido. So when I write a sizzling tale like my ménage romance KATA SUTRA, I look to how I can treat readers to an erotic undercurrent throughout, whether seeing martial arts as a sleek depiction of the male sexual form or a motorcycle as an extension of a male’s roaring passion.

J. Rose Allister is an award-winning short story writer who writes her erotic romance novels from her desk in the sizzling, sultry Southern California desert. Her website is

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