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Monday, April 19, 2010


Kobe Bryant - Hugh Grant - Bill Clinton - Tiger Woods

What do these 4 men have in common? They all had extra marital affairs? No! That is not the case! I am sorry!

Sure they stepped out on their wives, but that’s not what they have in common. The issue with these men is that they all got money that can last them for days. Forget days! Years! Yet, with all that wealth, they have allowed scandals like that to be leaked out to the public eye?

I’m sorry, but if I had their money, and even if I was as famous as Michael Jackson (God rest his soul), I would not be found out the way they were.

Now, that is only for those who were caught by the media and had to be made a spectacle before our eyes of their sad situation.

Now those who were caught, not by their ignorance, but by a vindictive woman... Now that is another story.

A woman who wanted the 15 minutes of fame; her spot in the lime light; or the woman who wanted to have the man, but couldn’t because that place was occupied by the woman he swore fidelity in the presence of God and men.

I guess I can’t blame a guy who gets thrown under the bus by a woman who has an agenda like that. I mean, if I had to deal with it, I’d require the services of Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer) in the TV series 24.

Pretty much like James Williams, the main character in my book, Valentine’s Day. He loved his wife, Leah, but gave in to temptation for just one moment.

Although he backed out at the last minute and didn’t fully cheat on his wife, he felt guilty of dabbling in sin and decided to keep the information from his wife.

The woman he was with, Amelia, wanted revenge. She was not Tiger Woods’ mistress who felt like it was her duty to go to the media and expose their union in unholy adultery, nor was she that young Colorado woman who tried to get money from Kobe Bryant, but later was found to be looser than anything.

She was a vindictive and powerful woman whose only reason was an unsatisfying and incomplete sexual experience.

I do not condone cheating in any way, shape or form; but if you’re going to do it, be smart about it!

1981 was the year that the Democratic Republic of Congo welcomed one of its most artistic sons in Robert Mulolo.

The year after his birth, Robert and his mother moved to France to be with his father. Robert spent 8 years of his childhood in Paris’ greater area.

His father moved him and his family to Montreal, Canada where Robert learned his English watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Through his love of the show, Robert started writing scripts where he would incorporate himself as a character for the show at the young age of 14; however, he was unable to achieve that dream as the show ended in 1996.

But Robert never lost his passion to write as he kept writing scripts for movies he would like to be in. His family again moved from Montreal, but this time, to Toronto, Ontario. There, Robert was in an all English school and through the help of one teacher, Ms. Pereira, he changed his scripts to actual short stories.
Robert Mulolo

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