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Monday, April 26, 2010


A month ago, I was asked by XoXo Publishing to come up with an idea along with Sherri Gold, an editor at XoXo Publishing, to put together a collection of short stories we called it, Tea For Mom and Me: A Mother’s Day Anthology.

There are not many publishers out there doing this kind of specialty publishing. Doesn't it make sense to celebrate holidays, special dates and commemorate the most glorious days of our year with what's in our hearts on those very days? XoXo Publishing is one of those companies that reach out to the hearts of the reading public on those days and any days. People are yearning for words of thoughtful reflections on those special days. They want guidance and instruction on what those days really mean, and why they are significant. Some newcomers from other lands are not always familiar with the holidays and celebrations of other cultures. Some have never heard of these festivals, holidays or special days before. XoXo Publishing authors including myself strive by writing about such special days, we are informing the reading public about why these days are so significant. Tea For Mom and Me: A Mother’s Day Anthology is a wonderful collection of short stories, poetry, memories and recipes will touch everyone's heart and soul, both young and old.

One short story is based on a true story of my son and my Mom. I decided to write it as a children’s story since I'm branching out to other genres and this is one genre that I love. I found that many people had a wonderful story tale to tell about their mom and many have lost their moms to cancer or old age. I know the feeling of losing someone close. I lost both my father and grandma three years ago (she passed 3 months after my father). A day does not go by without getting teary eyed when I think of her. I still hear her laughter, and her singing. I still hear her counting the gnocchi's one by one, which she made by hand and taught me how to make them the same way. I will always remember her teaching me or telling me something about her life. Her words of wisdom and understanding of life in general has taught me what I know today. She is the one that has shown me the right way and how to move on.

My Mamma is the same way. She is a very active and lovely woman, intelligent and kind. Nonna never raised her voice to anyone, and Mamma is the same way. Mamma taught me many things that Nonna never did, but I appreciate all she has done for me in the past and now. I thank Mamma for her never-ending support and understanding, for loving me unconditionally, for teaching me to give and love my own children unconditionally and most of all, for showing me what a mother's love really is. I thank God for Nonna, but most of all I thank God for my Mamma. I love you!

Mom and grandma used to make my brothers and me this breakfast. She used to say that the breakfast fairy Morgande made it, and that she would turn us into hard bread if we didn’t have our breakfast. My mom now makes it for my children with love.

RIP Nonna-Grandma, Brianna XoXo

Mamma's and Nonna's Recipe

Bread of the Fairy Morgande

By Nonnie and Nonna

1 slice of day- old Italian bread

1 to 2 cups of hot milk

1 to 2 tablespoons of sugar

1 teaspoon of chocolate chips cookies (*optional)

* You may substitute fresh small bite fruits or sliced ones. .

1. Heat the milk, making sure that it won’t burn. Let it stand for a few minutes until it cools off to be drunk without burning yourself.
2. In a bowl break the hard bread into pieces appropriately for the person you’re making this for (aka child size).
3. Sprinkle the sugar, and chocolate chip.
4. Pour over the hot milk, and serve hot or warm.
5. Enjoy, this recipe is delicious as a snack, breakfast or midnight snack.


kalai said...

How cherishing it is to remember our days with our mother. A mother plays a main role in shaping our thoughts and dreams for our future. It is a perfect tribute to remember her selfless sacrifices for us.

Carol L. said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Nonna and Mama.But nothing prepares us for their loss I lost both of my brothers and Mother all within a three year period, totally unexpected. At the same time my 7 year old daughter was battling bone cancer.She's in remission now and so healthy at 22 :)But for those we lose, the tears still come but the beautiful memories will never die.:)
Carol Luciano

Simone Laurence said...

What a sweet story and recipe, Brianna! And what a great idea to honor our moms and support a good cause!
Morgan Malone

Brianna Martini said...

Thank you ladies for your your feedback.

Happy Mother's Day to you all,
Brianna XoXo

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