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Monday, April 12, 2010



What is it about erotic romance that is so freeing? We love to read stories of extremesensuality, but for those like myself who also write erotic romance there is an added element. Although I'm a self-confessed wallflower, I love exploring the boundaries of the erotic in my writing. I've come to realize what an empowering gift erotic romance has given women.

Reading erotic romance novels allows a woman to explore her own unique femininity in ways she might not ever think to do in real life. The stories consist of heroines who evolve as they explore their sensuality. So much of real life is about fitting into a mold that conforms to society's demands.

As mothers we nurture, as sisters we are confidants, as wives we are supporters but what are we as women? I have an associate's degree in psychology and have worked as a volunteer detention officer in a jail, yet I write stories of an erotic nature. I am a brain, an alpha female, and a creature of sensuality. My varied interests and attitudes combine to create a woman who most resembles a brilliant diamond with thousands of facets.

This is the truth of all women, including those who write and read straight romances. We are all sparkling diamonds. Erotic romance gives us all the opportunity to howl at the moon, laugh as we stand under a rainstorm, or simply scream. The depth of expression in erotic romance allows us to enjoy the intensity of life, whatever life may bring our way.

So then, what we are as women are lovers…lovers of ourselves and lovers to life itself. Never should a woman let opportunity pass her by to revel in the glorious sensuality of her existence. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing unfettered joy upon a woman's face, whatever the source.

Why do you read erotic romance? Are the characters someone you fantasize about being, or do they reflect your own passion for life? Either way, never forget to express yourself. Nothing is more precious than the way we sparkle with brilliance, gracing others with our zest for life.

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Mary Corrales is an avid reader of all types of romance books. Her current releases include a paranormal erotic romance titled Dhampir Passions through Eternal Press; as well as two short erotica stories titled Dangerous Moves and Clandestine Eyes through Breathless press. She is currently working on another paranormal erotic romance as well as a futuristic erotic romance.


amber polo said...

Great post, Mary. Keep pushing those boundaries.

Margaret West said...

'Gracing others with our zest for life.' What a beautiful phrase. Love the cover. Will probably love the book even more!!

Author Mary C said...

Amber - Thanks, I plan to!

Margaret - Thank you. I just believe we should all shine. :)

Cate Masters said...

Wonderful post Mary! "We are all sparkling diamonds" - love that, and how true that we all have many facets. I love the intensity of erotic romance too. Best of luck!

susan said...

I like erotic one time everything was how to please the male but us women love to be pleased to and adding excitement in life is all good. My hubby and I will see 47 years together this June and we still love excitement. If this is bad, distasteful and otherwise all I have to say is TOUGH!!!!. susan Leech

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, Mary! You accurately expressed what so many of us feel about erotic writing. Its much more than words, its emotions.
Having read all of your books, I can testify that you do just that with your stories; they are erotic and yet filled with real emotions.

HUGS! Kari Thomas, Paranormal Romance Author,

Author Mary C said...

Cate - It's definitely a joy of life to experience a well written erotic romance.

Susan - Congrats on 47 years. Keep walking that wild side girl, it's working for you both.

Kari - Thank you so much. It my greatest hope to express more in my stories than just physical pleasures.

Lorrie said...

We, as women, wear many different faces, have as many facets as a brilliant diamond.
And we should enjoy our inner nature.

Aretha Franklin aptly put it with her hit, "Natural Woman."

Lovely post, Mary, and expressed so eloquently.