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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I just remembered…it’s French Independence Day! Or maybe I should say, “Bastille Day”. Friends of mine (not French) love to celebrate Bastille Day by making a whopping table load of Pâtisseries françaises and entrees, and inviting everyone over to pig out. Now, I’m not fond of Escargot de Bourgogne (snails kill my plants, but I don’t believe in vengeance-by-devouring), but I do adore her Pâtisseries françaises filled with the following crème de pâtisserie française d'amande recipe:

Ingredients: (French almond pastry cream)

1 ¼ cups whole milk
3 egg yolks
¼ cup granulated sugar
1/8 cup all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons cornstarch
1 teaspoon almond extract


In a small saucepan, warm the milk over low heat until it is just hot enough to steam. While the milk is warming, whisk together the egg yolks, sugar, flour, and cornstarch until the mixture is completely smooth.

Once the milk is steaming, add half of it, whisking constantly, to the egg mixture. Add the milk and eggs back into the hot milk, continue stirring, and heat it for 1-2 minutes, until the custard reaches 170F on a digital thermometer and is very thick. Remove it from the heat, stir in the almond extract, and chill the pastry crème completely before filling pastry.

This almond pastry crème recipe makes enough pastry crème to fill a traditional cake or profiterole recipe.

Okay…now that you know what to cook (and not to cook) if and when you invite me to your house on Bastille Day, let’s talk about what I love most these days…writing hot romance!

In case you have never heard of me or my books, I’d like to introduce myself, and a couple of my characters. Hi…my name is Fran Lee, and I write hot, sexy romance for two incredible e-publishers, Ellora’s Cave, and Resplendence Publishing. I currently have nine books in e-book form, and one print anthology.

I began writing when I was in my mid-teens, but was so involved in other things (like work and family) that I didn’t even try to get published until the mid 80’s. I was rejected because my stuff was “too hot”.

I have three adult kids, and six grandkids, from age 21 down to age 4. I hold a second degree black belt in American Kenpo, I collect old toys and metal horses, and I adore McDonald’s Sweet Tea. I am currently attempting to lose about 30 pounds before my first Romance Convention this fall at Romanticon. LOL! I don’t want to have to pay for extra luggage because I weigh so much! Obviously the photo I show on my websites is not current. It was taken when I was age 19. Much nicer looking back then…sigh…

My debut book (released by Ellora’s Cave almost exactly one year ago today) is titled Out of Her Dreams, and my hot and sexy hero is a pro wrestler. Just think of every hot, delicious, marvelously muscular bad guy you love to hate on the Pro Wrestling circuits, and toss in every hot, sexy good guy. Maybe you’ll have him firmly in mind.

David Chance (aka Chance Braza on the mat) is pissed off to find his face and body plastered on the covers of a popular series of highly erotic romance novels, and he is ready to rip a few strips off the damn woman who would dare to do so without his permission. And without paying him. And to make it worse, she is using his real name…sort of.

Samantha Hastings was only fourteen when she nearly died in a terrible car wreck. After they put her back together, and after nearly a dozen surgeries to repair and fix her, she knows that no man will ever want her, as scarred as she is. So she dreams up a fabulous guy who is the epitome of all she finds sexy and hot. He loves her. He accepts her as she is…scars and all. Years later, when she needs to earn money, she writes about her dream hero, Chance Davis. His face and body are burned into her mind, so she sketches him for the cover artist.

Now she is in great financial shape, moderately famous, and sought-after by fans around the world. But meeting her dream face-to-face at a book signing is the last thing she ever expects to happen. Problem is, he isn’t at all happy to meet her.

Toss into a large saucepan one large, angry, hot male looking for retribution…add one timid, physically and emotionally scarred, erotic author. Stir well and expect an explosion, a lot of heat, and a sexy, funny read.

I have been asked many times if I write myself into my books. Well…to be honest…I do. An erotic author can get away with murder in pretending to be the heroine, and thoroughly enjoying her hot and sexy hero. In ten books (one is in edits) I have shamelessly enjoyed being in the middle of the hot action. Now…if I could only find a real man who would hold still long enough for me to grab him. Damn! Are they running faster nowadays, or am I just slowing down? Probably both.

My next book under contract with Ellora’s Cave is titled Woman on Fire. Unfortunately I don’t have art yet, but here is a short blurb…

Woman On Fire

Fran Lee

Coming from Ellora’s Cave

Azrael Thunder Horse never thought he would ever see another white woman who could possibly knock him for a loop after leaving Hollywood. Despite the instant shot of lust he feels when he first lays eyes on his new Native American Studies teacher, he is determined to get rid of her. After all…she misled him with that damned Indian name of hers! How could he know she was not NA? But the stubborn red-head has a thing or two to say about him firing her on the spot.

Cheyenne Red Wolf has never met a more maddening…arrogant…downright irritating man. He hates her on sight. Too bad he’s the hottest thing she has ever laid eyes on…and he’s her new boss. The man tried to fire her because she wasn’t a “real” Indian. Good thing he can’t stand her, because she sure as hell couldn’t say no to all that sexy, hard-headed, Lakota masculinity. He is the man from her dream…and no matter what he thinks of her, she has it bad for the man…

I don’t have my release date yet, but I’m confident that it will be out shortly…ummm…maybe 2011 or so. Kidding! (I hope!)

As soon as I have a release date, I’ll set up a new release contest on my website to win a free copy when it’s out. Come visit me at:

I can also be found at:

And at:

And you can find all my books at these two author pages:

I love you here at Whipped Cream. Your reviews are thoughtful and honest, and well written. Thanks for inviting me over.


Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

FRAN! Recipe sounds wonderful. I cook a lot, but pastry and I do not make a happy couple. no clue why.
BUT your books are DELICIOUS.
Dear all, run do not walk to buy them all!
Caio, bella!

Fran Lee said...

Thanks, love! Yours are hotter than hell, too.


Julia Barrett said...

Great recipe from a great author! I've read these books and they are yummy!

Heather Howard said...

Mmmm-mmmm, sounds like a delicious recipe and even more delicious books! I'll be checking them out, and congrats on your tenth e-book!

Coale said...

I absolutely LOVE Fran's HAWT books! And who knew she gives great recipe too! ;) Honestly if you enjoy hot alpha males in books steamy enough to fog all the windows in your house you have GOT to read Fran's work!

Tibby Armstrong said...

Woman On Fire sounds like a great read! Edgy alpha hero = my favorite! :)

Katalina Leon said...

Yum! I'm ready to eat up "Woman On Fire"!

Tessie Bradford said...

Fran, I can't wait to read Woman on Fire! Your characters and their stories always touch me deeply.
For those who haven't yet experienced Fran's work - get ready to add another favorite author to your list!

Fran Lee said...

Awe, you ladies are sooo sweet! Thanks for dropping by and commenting .

April Ash said...

Just when I think I know all about you, you add something else...collect metal horses?
Recipe sounds like a very good low calorie one-HA!
You're a terrific writer/reviewer/video maker, etc. I don't know how you have all the time to do this, but I suspect you don't sleep!
Looking forward to you next release-
Marianne/April said...

Looking forward to women on fire. Wow, how do you write so many hot books?

Paris said...

I love the title and this book sounds HOT! Can't wait:-)

Kaily Hart said...

Hi Fran, the recipe sounds fab. Unfortunately, I don't cook but I have an imagination! Congrats on the book and I'd love to catch up with you at RomantiCon!!

Fran Lee said...

Thanks so much for coming over and leaving me your comments! It's great to know so many lovely ladies!!!

Brandlwyne said...

Hi I look forward to learning more about your books. As for french food I couldn't really tell you what I like, I'm sure I eat french stuff all the time and just don't realize it. I almost missed today, glad I didn't!!!