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Monday, July 12, 2010


Baking is sexy!

I love to bake, and I know it’s hot out there but I don’t mean that kind of baking. In the summer I get up extra early in the morning to bake whilst it is still cool. I love getting up before everyone else and just having that lovely space to do my cooking at my own speed.

Now, if you feel the urge to bake today I’m going to share with you my never fail, always loved sponge cake recipe. Now, I can’t fully claim this as my own as the recipe comes from the talented and much loved English cook Delia Smith but I can guarantee you that if you give these cakes a try they will become a staple in your household, they are just so versatile.


4 oz plain Flour

1 tsp Baking powder

4 oz caster sugar

4 oz Margarine or butter (margarine gives the fluffiest texture)

2 large eggs

1 tsp vanilla extract

So preheat your oven to Gas Mark 6 which is 200 oC or 400 oF and get your bun tins ready by putting the little frilly bun liners into the tray. You can also use this recipe to make two equal sized circular cakes (6 inch tin) to sandwich together with something yummy.

Now measure your ingredients and put them in a bowl. Now it gets terribly complicated here so try and keep up. Mix the ingredients together. Yep, that’s it. I always use my hand mixer as you want to mix this for as long as you can stand it until the mixture becomes light (almost white) and fluffy. You should get your mixture to near dropping consistency (so it’ll fall off a spoon without help) but it honestly does not matter if it’s a little wetter or a little dryer (your eggs can make the difference here) they’ll come out yummy anyway.

Now, if you don’t want just vanilla cakes you can change the vanilla for lemon juice, almond extract, 1 tblsp cocoa or just about anything else your little heart desires. Don’t be afraid to experiment. These cakes are fantastically versatile.

Spoon your mixture into the cake liners. You want them about 2/3rds full, which is about one large rounded dessert spoon of mix per liner. You will get at least 12 cakes but I often get as many as 18 out of my batch.

Place the tray in the pre heated oven for between twenty and thirty minutes. You will soon pick up on how to tell these are ready by scent alone. They are done when you look at them and they’re a lovely, golden sandy brown all over. Set them on a wire rack to cool then decorate however you like.

A simple mix of icing sugar, food colouring, a drop of vanilla and water to make it to a paste will work wonderfully well. You can also go with a more substantial buttercream icing. For buttercream I start with around 1 ounce of very soft unsalted butter and add about a cup of icing sugar, a tsp vanilla and a tsp of milk. I mix this all together then add more icing sugar until I get a nice spreading consistency and a sweet but not too sweet taste. The buttercream should be very pale yellow in colour. You can add food colouring to make it look however you like.

Once you’ve put your icing/buttercream on top you can go to town with sprinkles, chocolate chips and decorations. Use your imagination! Here’s some ideas I’ve used recently:

You can guess the theme I was working too when the above purple striped cat was decided upon. I have buttercream icing for the stripes then shop bought ready made icing for the eyes and ears etc.

A thin layer of plain buttercream then I used a little writing icing pen to write on ‘eat me’ pretty simple idea but quite effective and quite suggestive if served with a bawdy wink to your other half! ;)

What with world cup fever, I got in on the action with these plain iced cakes. I used a writing icing pen for the red cross and the white base is just a simple icing, not buttercream on this one.

These are so cute. I added cocoa to my buttercream for the base, split an oreo cookie for his eyes used smarties for the middle of his eyes (you can use M&Ms) and a yellow (or orange) one stuck in sidewards for his beak. I used a fancy piping bag to make his eyebrows but you could just snip the corner off a freezer bag to pipe icing in a line for his brows.

Oink oink! Pink buttercream icing, choc chips, marshmellows and pink wafer biscuits. A simple construction for a very cute cake.

I hope you have fun baking these cakes and decorating them. Please let me know if you come up with any extra naughty ways to decorate your cakes. I am sure boobs could be made with a pale pink buttercream and something darker for the nipple. I’ll just have to bake up a batch to experiment, oh dear, never mind, I’m sure they’ll all get eaten.

Now to end this sweet treat of a blog on a sexy note I leave you with an excerpt from Spiced Vanilla which is based at a little bakery run by a sexy young man named Jack who loves making cakes and is fascinated by Emma who walks past his shop every day to admire the stock. This is what happens one day when she’s invited in:

“I don’t know how you manage to work here day in and day out. I’d be eating all the stock,” I said. “Just the delicious smell is enough to make my mouth water.”

The air was dense with vanilla, cream and chocolate with that special light air of sweet baking that any baker will tell you lingers long after the cake in question has been cooked.

“I do my fair share of tasting,” he replied, his tongue peeking out to wet his bottom lip. He smiled. “But I enjoy profit far more.”

“It seems a crime to eat these. They’re all such works of art.”

“You flatter me.” I was rewarded by the light flush to his cheeks. “I’m not that good.”

“Oh, stop with the false modesty. You could display these in an art gallery, and people would pay just to look at them and smell them.”

“Ah, but if you do not touch them or taste them you are missing out on most of the sensation.”

His eyes seemed to have darkened to the colour of cooked spinach and instead of being focused on his cakes they were fixed firmly on the pale mounds of my breasts.

“Oh, well, yes, they taste divine,” I replied, in a fluster.

“I bet they do,” he quipped and cocked an eyebrow. I blushed red not just on my cheeks. It leaked down and suffused my chest, too.

“Which is your favourite?” I asked, directing my gaze from his darkened eyes and towards the cake display beside us.

“Oh, it’s so hard to choose.” His voice purred, but the softness was belied by the sheer power of his tone. “I am a fan of chocolate,” he said, “and fresh fruit. I like to mix them with cream and soft sponge and maybe just the sweetest, smallest touch of exotic spice. The new, the exciting, the just discovered are my favourite cakes to create.”

“You’re very talented.” I did not see him take a step, but he seemed so much closer to me when I looked back towards him. Had I moved? I was confused and a little hypnotised by his gaze and just as I thought his lips would fall down to mine, the bell on the door jingled.

Now go and bake some of my delicious cakes, I know you want to! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Michelle said...

Cute cupcakes! Have you ever checked out the cookbooks Hello, Cupcake or What's New Cupcake? Really cute ideas for decorating that favorite cupcake recipe. My daughter and I did one with cutting a mini marshmallow in half and dipping in colored sugar to create a flower petal.

Victoria Blisse said...

I've not seen those books, no but I'm always on the look out for new ways to decorate my cakes. :)