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Monday, August 23, 2010


How and why I chose a pen name

Becca Simone

My name is Becca Simone and I am an erotic romance author. Okay. That’s not really true. My name isn’t really Becca Simone, but I – or she – really does write erotica.

Authors choose to go with pen names for a variety of reasons. I’ll tell you why I decided to go with a fake name and tell you why I chose this particular name.

First and foremost, I didn’t/don’t want my mom to know I write erotica. It’s not that she’ll disapprove—although she probably wouldn’t be thrilled. But she’d want to read it, even if I asked her not to. Then while I’m writing my next hot scene, I’ll be thinking, “Mom’s going to read this,” and I wouldn’t be able to let loose with the kink. Then she’d tell my conservative and uptight relatives who would feel the need to email/call me and let me know they don’t approve, but that I’m a grown woman and they can’t tell me what to do. Yeah. Don’t want to deal with that.

I also don’t want my boss and co-workers to know I write erotica. I work for a conservative Christian company. I don’t know that my secret career would jeopardize my job, but I don’t want to find out. I’d rather my boss remain blissfully ignorant.

Now, I realize if Becca Simone ever hits it big and starts raking in the money (hey, a girl can dream), I might need to come clean. But until that time, I’ll stay incognito for as long as possible.

Why this particular pen name? Well, the first name is similar enough to my real name that if someone were to address me as “Becca,” I might actually respond. Again, I’m thinking big here and am assuming that someday people will be calling me by that name quite frequently. As for the last name, I love the music of Nina Simone—it’s passionate, emotional and sensual. And I always thought her name sounded like a romance author. Thus, Becca Simone was born.

Long may she live.

Becca’s story, Midnight Treat, is available now at The Wild Rose Press. Here’s a blurb:

It's mistaken identity gone erotically awry during a costume party.

Josh Panetti breaks into an apartment one night, thinking he’s fulfilling the sexual fantasy of a woman he just met at a costume party. Instead, he’s broken into Cassie Snow’s place. Cassie immediately realizes his mistake—she’d seen him at the party with her sexy upstairs neighbor. She should tell him he has the wrong apartment and the wrong girl. But she’s always the wrong girl. Would it be so terrible to be the right girl for just one night?

Becca’s bio: As much as she’d like you to believe that erotic romance authors lead exciting, passionate lives full of hot men and hotter sex, Becca actually lives a quiet, nonfictional life in the Pacific Northwest. She's been married for many years to a great guy and has two usually great teenagers. You can learn more about Becca at her website,

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Becka said...

Just gotta say from one "Becca" to another, I love your pen name. :P Except I chose to be different and spell my nic with a "k". Simone also happens to be one of my daughters' names, so I approve! LOL