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Monday, August 9, 2010


One of the reasons I took so long to start writing erotic romance was the concern that I wouldn’t be able to keep my stories and love scenes fresh. I mean, you’ve read them, right, the stories by the same author with the same love scenes, only the names changed?

So I try to focus each story around a different fantasy. Show Off is about having sex in public, with the fear of getting caught. In Lessons for Teacher, my skittish heroine revealed her true trust in the hero by exploring anal sex with him. I added toys to a current work, a ménage to another and a sex club to my latest.

The trick was making all of these fantasies fit with my characters. The by-far hardest was the ménage, making the motivation believable, especially for the hero.
Aside from the sexual fantasies, I like to play with the romantic fantasies. Show Off is about having an affair with the boss, Lessons for Teacher, to quote Ross Gellar from FRIENDS, is about the “frowned upon” relationship between a teacher and student. (In my book, they’re close in age—he’s an Iraqi war vet.) In Two Step Temptation, coming in February from Samhain, I have the man-who-got-away reunion story. In another story, I have a deserted island, and in another, the heroine pursues her brother’s best friend, who she’s crushed on forever.

What are some fantasies you like to read in erotic romances? What are some you’d like to read?

Emma Jay has been writing longer than she'd care to admit, using her endless string of celebrity crushes as inspiration for her heroes. She discovered her husband has way more tolerance for screensavers and hunk-decorated blog posts when she calls them her "heroes." Emma, married 23 years (wed at the age of 8, of course) believes writing romance is like falling in love, over and over again. Creating characters and love stories is an addiction she has no intention of breaking.

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