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Monday, August 16, 2010


I’m happy to be back at Whipped Cream Reviews for another blog! We’re halfway through August. Where did the summer go?

As my blog date approached, I thought a lot about what to write about. Then, while revising a manuscript this week, I tweaked the dedication in it and the topic of my blog suddenly came to me. What does a book dedication mean to the author and to the person or persons it is dedicated to?

I’ve seen authors dedicate books to their spouses, mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, siblings and even their best friends. There are even book devotions to people who are resting in peace. There are others that are short and sweet with just a name, followed by something like ‘thank you for the laughter’ or something like that. There are even dedications to helpers, those people who aided the author in researching their book.

Have you ever really taken the time to read the dedications in the books you buy or borrow? Ever ponder the love, sentiment, or emotion behind those dedications? To devote a book to another person is the same as blessing them. It’s special. It means something beautiful.

Writers are a rare breed of people. We pour our entire souls into our work, and then when we dedicate a book to another, it’s similar to asking someone to be a godparent or guardian of a child. What goes on behind the scenes of a manuscript is full of blood, sweat, tears and a mindboggling desire to have that work, that “child”, enjoy success once it’s turned out into the world.

So, next time you open a book and find a dedication, take a minute to ponder it and the people behind the kind words printed there.

Kiyara Benoiti is a professional freelance writer who also writes m/m romances as Amber Redd. She resides in the mountains with her family, two dogs, and several cats that she saved from an animal shelter. Kiyara loves to write erotic romance so hot it melts the hinges off the bedroom door.

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Shiela Stewart said...

Facinating post, Kiyara and very true. My first book was easy to dedicate. I knew I wanted to thank my husband for encouraging (pushing) me to get published. My second book I dedicated to the editor who gave me my first break and all her tireless efforts to teach me right from wrong. But with each book, I find dedications to be a little more trying. I've dedicated to family, friends, and to the readers. you think it's bad to dedicate a book to myself? LOL