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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


My heroine in My Three Lords has a very unusual quality for her time. She tells the truth. My Three Lords is an erotic Regency novella in which Miss Alicia Silverwood gets involved with three lords. When the story starts, she’s an innocent, but as it progresses, she discovers her true sensual nature. Only by being honest about that can she and her three lords find mutual happiness.

The Regency time period in England was famous for its social rituals, its etiquette, its class consciousness. Society was built on elaborate rules of politeness. Dukes were addressed as “Your Grace,” whereas Earls had to be called “My Lord.” You weren’t supposed to speak to someone at a ball unless you’d been formally introduced. People rarely used each other’s first names, even in private. The rules go on and on ….

But Miss Alicia Silverwood was raised in the country along with her six brothers, which allows her to be a bit more down to earth. In most ways, she’s a girl of her time. She doesn’t expect love in her marriage. She knows her role in life is to be a wife and mother. But since she has this quality of honesty, she’s able to admit her own desires -- once she discovers them.

Most importantly, she’s able to admit them to herself. Was that harder to do back then, when your every move was dictated by proper protocol? Probably so, but that’s what makes Alicia Silverwood (Lady Dorchester), so compelling to me. It takes a special person to overcome the social restrictions of their time and find their own path to happiness. Especially if it means breaking the rules in such a scandalous way. So maybe honesty is the best policy, at least when it comes to getting naughty.

Juniper Bell is a multi-published author and avid fan of romance novels, the steamier the better. She lives with her sweetie in a cabin in Alaska with no running water and a spectacular view of glaciers. She wound up in the frozen north after leaving her career as a stressed-out Los Angeles TV writer. Luckily, her love for writing survived the move. When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with her family, traveling, shoveling snow, and dreaming about the day she moves to Hawaii.

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PG Forte said...

Having grown up on Georgette Heyer, I have to say I loved your take on Regency England, which was every bit as scandalous as I'd long suspected it to be.

Alicia is the perfect Regency heroine; mindful of convention but willful enough to dispense with it upon occasion. And her three lords are each wonderful in his own way.

But, girl, you know I'm still waiting for you to break out the "team" swag, 'cause Jacob and Edward have nuthin' on "My Three Lords"!

Juniper Bell said...

PG! Thanks for stopping by! I love Georgette Heyer too, in fact "idolize" might be a better word. Her only drawback is that her characters rarely so much as kissed. I guess I'm taking a different approach. ;)

I've got a "Team Marquis" cravat on order for you!

PG Forte said...

Danke, darling. And, yes, I like your "different approach" very much!

Kelly Jamieson said...

And don't we love breaking the rules! This was such a fun regency Juniper!