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Monday, September 13, 2010


The 5 senses...sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste

What is it that turns a man or a woman on? Is it the sight of an attractive person? Or perhaps the alluring scent of someone’s perfume or cologne. Hmm…maybe it’s the sound of a sexy voice. What if for you it’s none of these things, but rather the certain way you’re touched. These are interesting questions all by themselves, but imagine me thinking of these things when I got into my car to drive to work and stumbled upon a radio show, with a sex therapist as the guest.

I was listening to the radio show, and found I was almost instantly interested in the topic she was discussing. She was talking about how more couples today are reconnecting with one another in an exciting new way, touch. Now, I know what you’re all thinking. Um…Nicole, most people do connect by touching one another. Well obviously I know this is true. :-) However, the therapist was referring to a new technique she was teaching her clients. She placed emphasis on couples spending long periods of time teasing each other's five senses, leading up to touch.

With sight, she has asked her clients to first show one another a picture which they find erotic or stimulating. This can be done with one or several images as long as it is an image that the subject responds to. Then once that is done, they are to say something to entice their partner in their sexiest voice imaginable. Having taken care of sight and hearing, the therapist coaches her clients to then blindfold their partner and have them lay relaxed and comfortable in a position they feel at ease in. It is at this point they are to move onto the smell and taste portion of the exercise. Using a dessert of the couple’s choosing they are to first hold the item near their partner’s mouth and nose, tantalizing them with the aroma. After an adequate amount of tormenting (LOL) has gone on then they are to feed tiny bites, just enough to taste so their partner isn’t satisfied, but rather is craving more.

*Insert evil giddy laugh here* This is the point in the exercise when the therapist wants the teaser to truly tease their partner. Instead of touching to the point of caressing and massaging, she instead instructs them to hover their fingertips over them, just above their skin leaving them with just a whisper of the touch. She tells them to do this from head to toe. She says that the sensation of barely being touched will literally make their partners body tingle and it will awaken all their senses, bringing them to arousal.

Now, this is my favorite part. She suggests to her clients that once they’ve reached this level it’s a fun and sinfully exciting idea to use a feather. Now, instead of whispering their fingertips across their skin they are gently caressing. Again, she suggests this be done all over the body, from head to toe.

This whole experiment, if done correctly, with patience and care, she says both parties will both be aroused and stimulated in a way that they probably have never experienced before. She claims the different senses, awakened in progressing order as she outlines will heighten their sexual arousal and their subsequent love making will be longer, more memorable and much more gratifying. :-)

After listening to this nearly hour long radio show I found myself completely intrigued by the ideas she laid out. Could it work? Well, listening to what she had to say I certainly thought it could work, but, yes I feel there needs to be a ‘but’ placed in here because I have to wonder how many of us would allow ourselves to be teased for so long without both parties being so turned on they give into temptation and race to the finish line.

This is where all of you beautiful and naughty readers come into play. Would you allow yourself to be teased to the point of almost torture, knowing that eventually you’d get to that proverbial finish line? Or, would you be more likely to, at one point, get so turned on that you want to race there, not wanting to take the long scenic route to get there. Or maybe I’m asking the wrong question. Maybe you have already tried this?

Regardless, I would love to hear from all of you. Do you think that you would love to take part in such a sinfully seductive experiment, or do you think there would be no way that you could hold out for that big O that you’re both seeking? Leave me a comment. Tell me what kind of person are you? :-)


Ashlyn Chase said...

Great post, Nicole. I'm a toucher and love to be touched. Now, as far as the advice about using a feather...don't forget the blindfold! LOL


Dalton Diaz said...

I've heard of this. Hey, anything that brings on the big O is great in my book.

It's true, tho, we do tend to forget the basics over the years. Even something as basic and beautiful as touching and kissing.

Marianne Stephens said...

Hey...I want my characters to tease each other with foreplay, but the feather part doesn't appeal! Ashlyn's blindfold suggestion sounds very intriguing, though!

bellesapeper.37 said...

I love the teasing touch, we've done this, but a feather and blindfold? hmm sounds interesting. The time would be a race but I'd like to see if it could stretch out. Patience is suppose to be a virtue but maybe it's more fun? Thanks Nic for your blog story. *huggles*

Savage said...

Well you make it sound intriguing. Myself i'm a sexy voice type of person like an indiscreet hinting around type of conversation. Talking about certain things inserting different words in place of the actual things you're talking about over mayb a phone call or skype w/video off. Mayb hearing things eluding to possible things occurring on the other end of the conversation, but your not quite sure if you're right. Making your thoughts race. But thats just me probably.