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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Alpha Males: Why are they so appealing?

I sincerely do love a strong alpha male. Not only do I find them the most attractive, they always seem to have leading roles in the majority of my stories

Alpha males to me are those who exude confidence and are typically more at ease with members of the opposite sex. They excel in leadership positions and leaders recognize, encourage, guide, and lead. These are some of the traits I look for in a significant other. Don’t you? Being an alpha male has nothing to do with good looks, although being a sexy hunk would add to the credentials. And more importantly, the alpha male is just as capable as loving a woman with his mind, body, heart, and soul, as any other male.

I like to pair strong, intense, and intelligent heroines with my alpha males. Why? Because the pairing brings lots of conflict, drama, and emotions into the story. If they want the HEA (happily ever after), they must find balance and compromise. Isn’t that what we strive for in real-life relationships?

My erotic romance, A Player’s Agenda, features an alpha-male who knows what he wants and a strong female who isn’t shy about her attraction to him, but sees something positive in this “rumored player”.

Ambrielle Kirk's fiction ranges from contemporary erotic to dark paranormal romance. Her vivid imagination inspired her to create stories in her pre-teen years and now, over a decade later, that inspiration continues to thrive, bringing flair and edge to everything she writes. Please visit her website at for more information on current and future book releases.


AJ said...

I think we all want to have the Alpha, especially in a good read. The take charge attitude is what I love about men, and your very right, good looks are a boon, but certainly not a requirement. Great post, Ambrielle!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, AJ. You summed it up nicely :)

Charli Mac said...

My hubby and I are alphas, tis a wild ride we have. But we are alphas in different areas at different times. Yin n yang.

I think Alpha Men are so hot because what woman doesn't want a man so consumed by passion for her, that he is compelled to take charge? Ha cha cha lassies!

Anonymous said...

@Charli, so you compromise. That is always good in a relationship. That makes sense, both hubby and wife can't be alphas in all areas.

tamara said...

wow, being married to a highly accomplished and slightly overwhelming alpha, my fantasy man is a beta. (not that i'd exchange him for the world, but if i'm fantasizing...)