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Monday, September 6, 2010


What is hot? What is sexy? What gets your motor running?

These questions can be answered in a variety of ways by a variety of different people. Sexuality has evolved over the past several years. What was once considered taboo is now the norm and what we find taboo now are things we never would have dreamed of ten plus years ago.

I could have written a blog post on my answers to these questions, but that would only give you one person’s perspective and I really wanted to delve into the differences of people today and what made them tick. So I decided to ask some people about their likes, loves and must haves when it came to desire and intimacy.

First, I asked people what their trigger point was. In other words, what is their weakness, what makes them say, “oh my…” as their temperature rises and their blood begins to pump a little faster. I was surprised to find that while some people’s answers were as different as night and day, some answers were so simple I found it surprising.

Here’s what some people had to say about what sparked their mood:

“Seeing and hearing someone be naughty. Playing with their own motor and letting it roar”

“The vision of a bra strap slipping off the shoulder”

“That sexy look in the eye with added lip bite just before he reaches for the back of my head”

“Being looked at with smoldering eyes that say take me somewhere and f*** me now."

“Beautiful, loving, sexy and down right dirty, nasty words”

“A guy fresh outta the shower wrapped in a towel. Or no shirt. Jeans unbuttoned. Mmmm and looking at me in the eyes”

“watching someone getting dressed really makes me want to undress them”

“A big heart and beautiful smile”

“A woman who smells unbelievable sexy”

“Seeing her hard nipples thru a shirt”

While I loved hearing all of these responses I thought why not step it up a notch. It was more than a little obvious I was getting vanilla responses. It might have been due to shyness or embarrassment but regardless I could tell they were holding back. So I asked them what some of the things were that they absolutely LOVED while in the ‘act’.

Here’s what they had to say about what makes them sizzle:

“When she plays w/ my pierced nipples”

“Kissing, it drives me nuts!”

“Licking and scratching!”

“Long hair brushing against my face, my chest and thighs”

“Lying on my back while she kisses me, running my fingers through her hair.”

“Watching a woman climax”

“Hearing her screaming and moaning while I work her with my tongue.”

“Demanding things from me. Telling me exactly what to do.”

These various answers and different personalities are why erotica has so many different genres. Not every reader is the same, nor are their tastes. Just like one person can’t stand hot and spicy food. Another person craves it and has to have it. Erotica, just like sex is not that much different than your taste buds. Some like sweet and simple, while others have to have the intense and hot. You’ll find most of the erotic sites these days have heat rating indexes to assist the reader in making their selections. There are M/f stories, ménages, GLBT, the possibilities are endless in this day and age. I myself have written everything from a 3 to a 5 on that heat scale. Although, I have to admit, writing a good old scorching #5 is what I love!

What’s your cup of tea? What makes you go mad and drives you insane with lustful needs? Leave a comment and tell me what you like, what you hate and what you absolutely love in your romance novels. One random winner will be chosen from the bunch to receive a free eBook copy of my latest release Love Knows No Boundaries.


Nicole said...

Thank you Whipped Cream Erotic Reviews for having me as your guest! I'm excited to see what everyone things, or will add, to my little research project! ;) xox

Julia Barrett said...

Wow! You did step it up a notch! I'm sort of a cross between vanilla-y and butterscotch-y - with a little milk chocolate thrown in. And sometimes I like my chocolate with chipotle!

Marie Tuhart said...

Love the post, Nicole. For me it really depends on my mood, sometimes I want the soft cuddle guy who just holds me while we watch a move, other times I want that sexy alpha who stares at me with those piercing eyes and I know what he wants and my motors start going hard and fast.

Mai said...

Yeah Nicole, I agree with most of those answers. Great post, gets me thinking LOL

Christine H said...

I love a dirty talker in the bedroom. Of course he has to be confident too and know what he's doing. A lot of dialog is what I like in my hero's and I don't like vanilla. Vanilla bores me! There needs to be exciting things thrown in to make it different. I'm not into Taboo books but I love taboo things thrown into contemporary books. And I expect anal sex. It's boring w/o it. I find it both loving when a woman gives her body to her man for whatever he wants, especially when it's a first time thing for her.

Anonymous said...

Dressing and undressing can be sexy as hell. It can lead to being "attacked" again. Also, kissing is one of the most intimate things you can do. Especially if they know how to kiss well.

CynStorm said...

Love the post Nicole, Great job and it was very much fun participating ;o)

Gros Bisou,

Dalton Diaz said...

The moment he loses control. Preferably sometime after I have!