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Friday, October 1, 2010


Hi! Welcome to the October edition of Between the Covers! Scary to think it’s already October, isn’t it? This month’s blog is dedicated to all those hard working men and women in uniform. They all have a hot ‘n spicy side, too, and sometimes get into the news for it.

First off, we have a cop who got busted for taking his patrol cruiser to a bikini car wash where one of the bikini clad ladies was a deputy sheriff.  It should be noted that neither actually did anything wrong. The cop presumably used his own money to get the car washed. The car wash was even a fund raiser. He might have chosen on that wasn’t titled  “Tips and Tats”, though. As for the off-duty deputy, I don’t think she did anything wrong, even with the event’s name. Anyone who assumes female cops don’t wear bikinis to wash cars is off their meds.

I think maybe there was a bit more to this story than made the news article, myself. Seriously, what are the chances that a cop just happened to go to a car wash that had a hot-bodied deputy working? The hours our law enforcement officers put in are grueling and the job is not conducive to relationships. It may be wild speculation, but I’d like to think these two were indulging in a little role playing to spice up their other-wise stressful relationship. I know I’ve had a few fantasies involving hot cops. I bet cops have a few fantasies, too.

Next up, we have naked firefighters at retirement party. This is so hot! There is a photo involved in this one, too. Unfortunately, all the good bits have been blurred. This incident allegedly happened some time in July but the complaints didn’t start rolling until August. I’m thinking there is more than meets the eye on this one, as well. Most people I know who are offended by something they see object right away. They don’t wait a few weeks.

I don’t see why anyone was logging complaints on this one. It was a party, so it wasn’t mandatory. It wasn’t public. It could even be argued that since firefighters work one week on, one week off, that this was their home. I’d let a bunch of naked fire fighters cook me dinner at their home. The worst part about this is that who ever complained about this, for what ever reason, just ruined it for the rest of us. I will never get to visit a firehouse and have hot, sexy firefighters fix me a little somethin’. Not that is had ever been likely to happen, of course, but now it isn’t even an option.

And last but not least, I do have some oddities for you. Back in February, Tesco, a major super market chain in Britton, banned customers from wearing pajamas while shopping. Now, a school in Belfast has banned parents from dropping off their children while wearing pajamas.  Considering that freak who went shopping for shaving cream in a Walgreens wearing nothing but pasties and a g-string, I can’t say they are wrong to put some restrictions on this.

The scary part is that the ban would have done nothing to help this poor lost soul, who for some ungodly reason felt the need to shave her bikini area in the car while her ex was driving. We’ve all heard of ex sex. I have even thought about it from time to time before coming to my senses. I have never, ever felt the need to do this kind of personal hygiene in front of an ex, not even before we broke up. But to each their own. In the world of erotic romance, the name of the game is finding what turns you on, not what others might find acceptable.

Now that I have perhaps given you the heebie-jeebies with that mental image, I will bid you ado. Thanks for sticking around. Until next time, remember that there’s nothing wrong with finding romance when and where the opportunity presents itself, but please keep in mind that if you’re not careful, your romance could end up fodder for the blotter!


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