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Monday, October 4, 2010


If today was your last day…

We’ve all heard the theoretical question, “What would you do if you had one day left to live?” Who would you spend it with? What would you do with them? Nickelback even brought the topic to life in a song.

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I asked some people this very question and found a variety of answers. Some were analytical and of course had to know WHY it was their last day. Were they ill? Was the end of the world upon us? I gave them all the same answer. Would it matter why? It is still your last day. What would you do with it? I mean really? You have one day left, just 24 hours to do with it whatever you please. How would you spend it? With whom would you spend it? Would you mend broken fences? Perhaps swallow your pride?

The possibilities are endless and filled with love. Some of the more memorable and love filled answered I received were the following:

“On my last day, I would apologize to all I had done wrong in the morning; I would play boardgames with my love in the afternoon and I would cook her dinner, and make love on a cliff watching the sunset; at night, Id watch the moon rise in the sky and wait.” ~ P.W.

“My last day would start with being with my family..Have a huge party, food ( I would finally eat everything in sight and not care). Would head out on the water...warmer waters than here... go swim with the dolphins...just be and the skies & the water. Lay in my guy's arms, no speaking necessary... soak up the last moments and when the time comes... give a goodbye kiss and a momento he will get to keep close to his heart after I am gone.” ~ Cyn Storm

“Spend most of it with my children, then friends and family...would make sure I got one last kiss...from someone.” ~ Jo

Does anyone see the trend? Love…our heart…the people that affect our very souls are the ones that we want to be sure to spend it with. Not selfishly, but givingly. It seems that all that really matters in the end is our friends and family. We work our whole lives for a nice home, fancy cars and clothing that make us look and feel good. In the end though, none of those things matter. It’s the ones we love, the bonds we’ve formed with people that we take with us in our final moments.

As to what I would do, well…I thought about that and decided why wait for my final day. So that’s my message to you all, don’t wait! Make that day today. I know I will. Every day is precious. Don’t waste it, cherish it.

Now…this isn’t the most erotic of all my blogs but love is an important part of what we do as writers and what we discuss as readers. So, give me your thoughts, good or bad. As always I’d love to hear them. :-)


Nicole Morgan said...

Thanks for having me as a guest again guys! Im exciting to hear what everyone has to say about this topic as it really made me think about what is truly important! :)

CynStorm said...

Great Blog Nicole!

You are definitely right about doing it now..we may not have tomorrow and those we love need to be shown everyday how important they are to us.

When you asked for feedback, it really struck a cord with me to have to think about what I would do if I only had a day left.

It's actually been in my thoughts a great deal since you brought it up.

Thanks for the reminder that everyday has to count.

Gros Bisou,

Anonymous said...

Nicole - Thanks for keeping all of us (Your Friends & Fans) happy. When you asked this question "What would you do if you had one day left to live?" I couldn't answer because most on Twitter would look at me different. I can tell you that if I had one day to live, It would probably remind you of the song by Tim McGraw "Live Like You Were Dying."