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Monday, November 1, 2010


How Powerful is the Written Word?

How many of you have read a book and have been disappointed? We’ve all been there right? It happens. We’re not going to like everything we read. Then there are those books that are okay. They weren’t a total loss, but you wouldn’t exactly pick them up for a second reading either. Once in a while we get lucky and find a book we love and can’t wait to read again.

Then there’s that special book. That book that makes your mouth drop open in shock, whether it be from delight, sadness or just plain OMG I did not see that coming!

Those are the books I want to talk about today. Those books that wow us. We’ve all come across them at least once in our life, I hope! The way I see it there are 3 kinds of WOW books. The ones that put a big smile on our face :-). The ones that send a chill up our spine from the suspense or intrigue :-|. And lastly, the ones that make us cry. :-(

Here are my WOW books:

:-) = Cowboy Love by Sandy Sullivan

:-| = Poisonous Pleasure by Jennifer Salaiz

:-( = Cry No More by Linda Howard

So, what are your 3 WOW books? Maybe you’ve been one of the few who have been WOWed so many times that you can’t even count that high. If so, you’re definitely one of the lucky ones and why authors today continue to do what they do best, WOW you!

1 comment:

Sandy Sullivan said...

Thank Nicole! I'm so glad you liked Cowboy Love enough to consider it one of your WOW books.

~ Sandy