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Friday, November 19, 2010


Writing a series is a love/hate situation for me. Not only do you have to tie all the stories together, but you have to keep all the information correct. I’ve been known to read my own books a few times in order to get details correct. The color of a character’s eyes, a certain word or phrase they always say, or perhaps what kind of car they’re driving. It can become tedious, but one of my biggest fears as an author is being called out by my fans that one of my facts isn’t correct. And finding that balance between just enough back story and an epic info-dump is a hard line to straddle. Authors know readers sometimes pick up a series out of order. Which is why it’s important to make each series book capable of standing alone. And that in itself can be very hard to do.

I’ve written more than one series. I adore giving myself the opportunity to revisit characters I absolutely love. I enjoy exploring the love stories of secondary characters from a previous book. However nowadays, it seems series are old hat. Readers almost expect them, especially if they latch on to a specific character or villain you may have written. I have been asked on more than one occasion to write a book for certain characters.

But regardless of the hardships of writing series romance, they can be insanely fun, and I’m fairly certain I’ll be writing more of them in the future. Keep your eyes peeled for them. I promise one heck of a ride!

Rebecca Goings has always dreamt of chivalrous knights, gritty cowboys and dangerous men who go bump in the night… Now, she gets to write about them! She’s won a few awards for her efforts, but that’s not why she’s an author. She writes because she breathes, it’s as simple as that. She’s never at a loss for plots, and hopes to be around for a very long time. Rebecca lives in Oregon with her husband, five kids (which she homeschools), two cats, and one annoying, stubborn muttley.

She is published with Champagne Books, Carnal Passions, Cobblestone Press and Samhain Publishing, writing fantasy, paranormal, and historical western romance.

Rebecca loves to hear from her fans. You can email her at:


flchen1 said...

Rebecca, I love reading a good series--there's nothing like revisiting characters and places I've gotten to know already. It's like being with old friends :)

Ciara Gold said...

Becka, you're so right. Writing series is almost adicting but man, you really have to keep all your facts straight. Here's to another in a great series. I'll be buying this one as soon as I get my Christmas Kindle. Whoop! Can't wait.