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Monday, December 6, 2010


When I sat down to write this blog I had no idea what subject to choose. Seriously! I was utterly and completely clueless.  Not only did I forget about the guest spot and had to be reminded, but I had to try to find the time to not only write it but somehow think up a topic for it too? LOL. I work at my day job every day for what I hope will be eight hours, which invariably turns into much more.  Then its, go home, make dinner, pick up, do laundry, feed the two dogs and the puppy…OMG the puppy!  I mean this whole 24hrs in a day thing sounds like it was made for someone who sits around all day long eating Bon Bons, watching Soap Operas and painting their toenails.  So… I’m thinking about all this and then it hits me! *BAM* *KNOCK ME OVER* That is the subject for my blog. TIME!

I have to say.  Some of my fellow authors truly amaze me. I see their daily promos, their constant participation in chats, posting recipes to friends and supporting one another. A good majority of them hold day jobs as well.  It’s absolutely awe inspiring.  Writing is my life.  Well, it’s probably not my life, but it is my dream, my passion; it’s what makes me who I am.  So I ask you…Why are pesky things like real life responsibilities getting in my way?  Picture if you will, a cabin in the Rocky Mountains.  Fall has just begun and the trees are starting to change.  There’s a small yard filled with the most beautiful (non allergy causing, of course) flowers and a small pond just behind the cabin.  I walk inside, after enjoying a chilly, yet brisk morning walk and sit at my computer desk which looks out onto the shimmering water.  I reach over to the small refrigerator that holds my water bottles, open one and with a sigh hit the power button.

My screen saver image pops up, showing the always handsome and sexy Jimmy Thomas from Romance Novel Covers and brings a smile to my face.  Suddenly inspired I begin to put fingers to keyboard and write the day away.  The words are flowing from me like water trickling from a spout.  The tales are spinning and being told like they have a life of their own.  And of course I make no errors, no edits will be needed in this writing of the perfect novel.  LOL  Aaaaahhh…just the image is pure heaven. 

Wouldn’t it be nice? To have that one place, that PERFECT place to escape to when real life just won’t let you.  So tell me…what is your favorite place to escape to? Real or fantasy doesn’t matter.  Whatever your mind sees, whatever you feel would be perfection.

Leave me a comment and tell me yours or even what you thought of mine! Don’t be shy either.  One lucky commenter will be chosen to receive an eBook to choose from my current releases.  Thanks.

Love you all ~ Nicole Morgan 

I have enjoyed reading for many years and used to love how the words and phrases could almost take you to the place the author was describing.  In the past year I have found my imagination running away with itself as stories started to swirl inside my head.
I took a chance and decided to write about one story that kept creeping it's way into my mind.  I sat down at my computer and toyed with several ideas of how to tell the tale until I felt like it would do the characters justice.  Once I was completely finished and had edited it to death I had to admit I was quite impressed with the finished work.  It gave me a certain amount of pleasure and satisfaction to know that I brought those characters to life.


Terra Pennington said...

Hey Nicole, I love your posting and you are so right there is just not enough hours in a day for the working girl. Not time to sit back and paint the toes but thank god we can find a few minutes to read a good book. It is the only way I can get away for the presures of the day. I am so glad that you writers enjoy what you do and keep on. keeping on.

Julia Barrett said...

Oh Nicole...I love your post too! I am a mess right now. I swear I practically can't remember my own name! If I could go one place, it would be back to the Highlands of Scotland. No phone, no TV, snowy single track roads. Oh...I want to go!

JustAWoman said...

I want tall, dark, and o so yummy in a ski cabin mmmmm

marybelle said...

I know I would not be able to think of a thing if I had to write in a blog. You did well.

Anonymous said...

My escape is my office...caribou and deer heads surrounding me, furs on the walls, and I'm shoved in a corner with my laptop and books. (dh is a hunter) My haven...

Anonymous said...

My escape IS my writing. Like everyone else, too much to do to get away. Great post..