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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jingle Bell Blog Fest: Deanna Wadsworth

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A Kiss at Midnight

A kiss at midnight is a favorite way for most to ring in the New Year. The Ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia is where it began, not that it’s a surprise. Those naughty Romans! I always give my hubby a smooch, if we remember to look at the clock, LOL. Some of my New Year’s Eve parties have a Romanesque feel (((nudge-nudge, wink-wink))) and until hubby put the TV in the basement, we have been known to look up at the clock and, whoops! Its 12:17 and we missed the countdown! Darn champagne doesn’t mix well with tequila shooters!

But back on topic, have you ever just randomly kissed the first person you see?

I must admit I have not.

My friends probably wouldn’t appreciate me kissing their husbands. And my single male friends? Eeew! I could lips lock with a girlfriend but that’s so Britney Spears. And I HATE Britney.

Old folklore says you should kiss the first person you see and depending on how important they are to you, the kiss sets the tone for the year. In other words, see someone you hate at the clock chimes midnight you have to kiss them and you will have bad luck.

My suggestion?

Surround yourself with people you love around 11:57 just in case it’s true!

I think I will stick to my personal kissing ritual of locking lips with my hubby. I’ve been happily married 14 years, so why screw with a good thing?

But if you are looking to change your luck or add a twist to your New Year’s Eve party, try kissing the first person you see.

Being Roman is sooo in this year! LOL

Maybe the New Year will be full of adventure and good fortune because you took a risk. It could be a chance to smooch your super, hot neighbor, too,. I’m feeling a naughty story idea coming on….

So balm up those lips, brush and floss, avoid garlic onions and get smooching at midnight this year!

Just avoid being around creepy folk so you don’t have to kiss them and mess up your year. You wouldn’t want to take the risk that those old superstitions might be based in truth!

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Deanna leads a pretty vanilla life in Ohio but her fascination with all things taboo and bizarre find their way into her writings. She spends her days writing and her nights as a caped superhero fighting crime with her sidekick Beer Man…no not really. She’s actually pretty boring. You can usually find her with her hubby and three dogs watching TV or hanging in their killer basement bar.


marybelle said...

I could NEVER just kiss the first person I see at midnight. The mind boggles just a bit.

Deanna said...

I know, I don't think I could either. Marybelle. Its fun to imagine and as a writer its kid of a cool concept for a story, but like I said, I'll just stick to my hubby!

Judy said...

I don't think I have either!! I can't imagine that I would. I am usually around the people I came with at Midnight when out partying.

Valerie Mann said...

I could kiss the first person I see at Midnight if I were surrounded by Chippendales. Other than that, probably not. And tomorrow night I probably won't even be awake by the time the ball drops. I'm so boring, LOL Happy 14 years with your hot husband!

Deena said...

I agree with Valerie! As long as hubby weren't around (maybe he'd gone to the bathroom) and oops, it's midnight. And oh! What have we here? Why it's the Thunder Down Under! Come on sweeties! Pucker up! LOL

Maureen said...

Well, if he were a good friend and it were a peck on the cheek... But normally the DH and I are pretty non-party people so we are already in bed by midnight...

Patrice said...

I don't think I could kiss the first person I saw at midnight, unless it were my husband (top preference) or a close friend who wouldn't get the "wrong idea" (because I, like you, am very happily married!!!) But I agree, it's an intriguing premise for a be sure to share if it becomes one! Happy New Year.

Deanna said...

Chippendales and Thunder from Down Under...well yeah, I could kiss them and DH could just build a bridge, LOL
But I guess its unanimous...we all want to think about/write crazy situations but we are all pretty happy just being mellow.
Thanks for stopping by all!