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Friday, January 28, 2011


Muses, Inspiration, Etcetera.

Whatever you call the place your ideas come from you know when you’ve been inspired.  I find that driving is my time to get inspired.  For me the voice note feature on my BlackBerry helps me remember those flashes of story.  Music is often the catalyst.  When I hear a sexy tune, or an emotionally charged lyric it congers my characters making daring escapes and having passionate love scenes in my warped imagination.  I love to hear what inspires other writers.  A common theme is music but I’ve heard some unique muses too. 

The best part about being creative, writing, painting, sculpting, singing, whatever floats your boat is sharing it with others.  I respect creative people because I know how much heart and soul goes into the work and how much personal pressure and fear you feel the first time you “unveil” it.  I can’t tell you how freaked out I get when someone who knows me, the mom/coworker/boring me, reads my work.  I always wonder if they’ll be weird with me.  My male supervisor read one of my shorts; he couldn’t look me in the eyes for a month.  This was both funny and awkward, but when you write erotica, it happens. 

I’ve never had a wild ménage, flown on a space ship, or kissed a werewolf.  However, when I’m imagining my characters doing those things I get the fun of going along for the ride.  Without imagination, I can’t imagine how bad my life of day job, laundry, helping the kiddos with homework-rinse and repeat-would be.  I never want to give up writing.  Even if nothing every contracted again, I’d still write.  My stories come from somewhere I need to be and writing is the only way to travel there.  The only way to describe it to someone who doesn’t write is to say it’s like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  When I write all my wildest dreams come true.  I love it, and I hope you’ll love reading my stories as much as I love creating them.

The only thing that’s been negative about this experience of being a published author is pirates.  I’m such a whiner when it comes to pirates.  I hate seeing my hard work given away randomly by strangers; it’s a backhanded compliment.  If you know someone who downloads pirated books, please tell them how much it sucks for the author.


Black said...

As the technology continues to "progress" and the internet gets faster, pirated books will become a major item for publishing companies and online businesses such as Amazon..when that happens, the author will become more significant..because it will have a major negative impact on their business..not because they care about the writers.
Until then, continue to drive and allow those thoughts to come alive, for our pleasure.

ashlynn monroe said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment Black. I agree with you.