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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bare Love Part Two

Here is another look at my Bare Love series! These books all revolve around the Daniels family and their extended family of close friends.  In the first post you met Gil and Moira, Ben and Katie, and Cass, Doug and Damon.  Now lets meet the rest of them!

Bare Devotion by Lacey Thorn

"Roman," she said, "I…I wasn’t expecting you today." She grasped her robe with one hand seeming unsure of what to do or say.
"Rin," Roman called to her holding out his hand as he sat down in a chair at the table. "Come here, darling."
"What…What are you doing here so early in the morning?" Catherine asked as she crossed to him.
"Aren’t you glad to see me?" he asked and the look in his eyes was sharp, as if he was searching for some answer from her. An answer to a question he hadn’t asked and she was so afraid of.
"Of course I’m glad to see you. Don’t be silly, Roman." But he never just showed up unannounced, especially not using his own key. What if one of her children had been with her?
"But they’re not here, are they, Rin?" She startled as he answered her unspoken question. How had this man come to know her so well?
"I’m sorry," she whispered. "You deserve so much better than me, than this. Maybe you should…"
"Don’t piss me off, Rin. There is no one any better than you. Not for me. Now come show me how much you’ve missed me." His eyes were silver flames of desire and a thrill of excitement worked through her as she thought of how lucky she was.
"Where are you taking me?" she asked though she felt sure she already knew.
"To my place," Blake stated, glancing casually over at her. "Any objections?"
Ally shook her head slowly back and forth. No, she had no objections to what was coming.
"You know that I’m going to fuck you," Blake said plainly so there were no surprises when he got her to his house. "We may not make it past the front door the first time. I want you that badly, Ally."
Her eyes were wide, not with fear but with a raging lust of her own. "I want you too," she admitted in a husky whisper.

Running Bare by Lacey Thorn

"Change your mind?"
She clicked the lock and braced her hands on the door. She glanced back over her shoulder and met his gaze with all the lust she felt reflecting in her eyes. She heard his indrawn breath and smiled softly. "Have you?"
"Hell no," he commented and moved forward pinning her body between him and the door. She dropped both hands down and reached under her skirt giving a tug that had her panties falling down around her ankles where she quickly stepped out of them.
He lifted her skirt up and ran his hands over her buttocks before reaching down further and pushing her thighs apart. One hand dipped between her thighs and a finger brushed at her wet cunt. "Just like this?" he asked her softly, his mouth so close to her ear that she could smell the whiskey on his breath.
"Just like this," she answered suddenly dying to feel the hard slide of his cock inside her.

In The Bare by Lacey Thorn

"I’ve wanted to do this since the first time I saw you, hiding under those suits you wear," she murmured.
"I don’t hide under my clothes," he grunted as her hands roamed over his chest and shoulders. "I like to be able to move without constraint."
"Makes sense," she whispered. "You are unlike any man I’ve ever met and I can’t get you out of my head. And after seeing you here, like this, I’m glad." She reached out
"What are you saying?" Charlie asked, wanting to understand just what she was talking about.
"I’m saying that I’d like to spend the next couple of days with you, Detective. I want to help you relax. I want to fuck you until we are both too exhausted to move." Her eyes locked on his and refused to let him look away. "I want you, Charlie Tate. I want to leave the department behind, the detective shield aside and just be a man and a woman enjoying the best sex of their lives."
and let her hand trace his cock where it poked at the towel. "I can see that you are interested in me too. So how about we take the next two days and leave the office behind?"

Stripped Bare by Lacey Thorn

She turned around at the door placing her back against it as she looked at him. "I want you," she said and stole the air out of his lungs. "And at some point I plan on having you. But I won’t let that want interfere with finding my sister."
"Okay," he agreed. Hell she’d surprised him with her honesty and turned him on more than ever.
She stepped into him so that he felt the brush of her pebbled nipples against his chest. Her hands slid up his arms until they wrapped around his neck and she tugged his head down to her.
"But why don’t we just get this out of the way," she said just before she touched his bottom lip with her tongue.
It was like a stroke of electricity that seared straight to his dick and had it flexing against the suddenly snug fabric of his jeans. Her tongue glided over his bottom lip before she took it between her teeth and nipped. What turned him on even more was the way she kept her eyes open and locked on his. This was no tame woman. This was a wildcat.
He let one hand slip down to the small of her back, the other splayed loosely at her waist. Her breath whispered over his lips as she pressed them softly to his. Her tongue traced the seam of his lips and he opened them for her. She forged inside and wrapped her tongue around his, rubbing it wantonly before guiding his into her mouth and sucking gently on it. He felt that suction in his balls, wanted to feel it on his cock, and from the gleam in her still-open eyes he knew that was what she intended.
His hand moved lower to cup her ass and pull her up the few inches so that she could feel the hard length of his cock exactly where he wanted it to be. He held her there while he fed on her kiss, fighting for control and loving the way she refused to give it to him.
Slowly she eased back from him, letting her tongue flick against his lips before landing back on her feet. "I want you. You want me. But don’t think I won’t make you work for it." With that she eased from his grasp, opened the door and stepped out.

Hope you enjoyed this look at Bare Love, one of my favorite series to write!  You can find more at my website listed below.
Until later...Happy Reading
Lacey Thorn
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