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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Craving for kisses…

My latest release, Visionquest, is a shape shifting horror fantasy set in medieval times told by Ilenio, a young man from a small village who is chosen by the a high-ranking nobleman, Lord Brahany, to solve a series of brutal murders because he alone s the Visionario that can turn the lord into an eagle. So their connection must be as intimate as it can get, going beyond the hot sex, the wild passion and the head talking to trigger a bond no amount of evil will be able to break.

If much of their connection is through sex, however, it doesn’t imply any form of lovemaking, simply physical reactions to search for pleasure and the fastest way to a transformation that will eventually save the endangered land.

But Ilenio is not going to stand it for long, to have a lover as gifted as Lord Brahany and not be able to kiss him…it starts to wear on his nerves…

His breath warm on my face as his eyes bore deep into mine, we were standing so close that for a crazy insane moment, I wished he’d kiss me long and passionately, the craving so intense it resembled that of a boy for his first toy. But of course, he didn’t—foolish me to even dare think it—and this moment passed, too.

And of course, Ilenio doesn’t take kindly when he sees his master actually kiss another man…no, it makes him furious…

They rocked together for a while, all the time their cocks growing and hardening from the sensual pressure the Seigneuros achieved without even touching him in the flesh. Like elegant dancers, they rubbed against one another, tightening the distance between them until Alexiander turned his head, so his mouth was almost on my master’s and their kiss crunched my stomach with envy.
Damn! He had never kissed me and I wanted it so badly, wishing he had a thousand times over, longing for it to the point I would’ve paid anything to taste him in such a personal way.
For Alexiander, who was looking for love rather than sex, the kiss broke the last of his barriers and his body relaxed all together as if he gave the Seigneuros complete charge over it. The game was between the two of them, I understood it perfectly now that I realized my role had been only the bait Lord Brahany needed to hook the young man who was too fearful to go to him on his own. And for some reason, my master wanted him, too, he who could have any man or woman he chose as I had witnessed many times first-hand.

And Ilenio can’t believe it, no he refuses to believe it, even thinks he’s imagined it all, which would be better if he were not running a grave danger and should’ve been more careful rather than grieve over his bruised ego…

If I had tentative answers before, here I was at a loss. One thing was sure. It was night, about roughly the same time it would’ve been had I been fucking like I remembered. As my eyes adjusted to the poor lighting, I tried to determine where I was, but taking another step, I almost tripped on my bow, which I must’ve dropped in my sleep. Damn! It had been just a dream then, however real it still felt down to the jealous rage at seeing that passionate kiss. Instead, I must’ve fallen asleep, exhausted by the taxing rhythm I had to follow of late.
But it was getting more and more useless because the harder I called, the less I felt him linked to me, as if he had never been there in the first place and I’d imagined it all—the training, the connection, the chase, the incredible transformation and the hottest sex—much like the fuck with Lord Bharton. Or perhaps he had decided to abandon me after having kissed Alexiander and realizing I’d never be at his level. Either way, the sad truth was that I was alone, miserably alone, imploring something that didn’t exist simply to avoid the same fate awaiting me right after they had done with my friend who was now clearly aroused, his sizable equipment standing on its own and defying any attempt to suck it whole.

But in the end, Ilenio gets exactly what he wants…and much more…

Then he tilted my chin up and my heart almost burst out of my chest with the stomach-crunching desire to taste him at least once the way lovers do, even if we were nothing like them. Senses spinning out of control, I worked hard to silence the insatiable craving and was about to re-establish some semblance of order when he kissed me at last, his lips pressing on mine, his tongue forcing my mouth open to receive the full taste of him, finally. Even before seeing him with young Bharton had spiraled my longing, I had dreamed, hoped, fantasized about this moment so many times, I thought I’d shatter in a million pieces simply because he gave me what he had long denied for reasons all his own. Instead, I surrendered completely, not just my mouth, but my entire body melting into his, holding nothing back, freely surrendering whatever part of me he wanted—everything at his disposal and at his convenience.
So he took me, right there on the castle tower, leaning against the cold wall with my legs spread out and ass pushed back as his thick cock sank to the hilt before banging, in slow motion at first. But he couldn’t keep it up for long. Overcome by the heat of passion, which burned with the most gigantic fire I could remember, probably because he was echoing his sensations over mine, everything uncoiled from the pit of my shaft to explode against the wall as his pounding grew unbearably sweet and his frenzied twitching told me he was coming all over my ass.
But it wasn’t until he took me to his bed and made love to me, for the first time—no competition between us, no unspoken challenge, no master-slave, nothing but intense emotions overwhelming me with the sheer power of his feelings, a sea so deep, a tide so strong I thought I’d drown as he took me face up, raising my legs above his shoulders and plunging deep in my ass before preying on my mouth, too, in a never-ending kiss that took my breath, not to mention my resolve, away—that in spite of everything, I gave him what he wanted most, my soul in its entirety, for I knew right there and then I was sealing my destiny forever.

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Laura Tolomei


Cathy M said...

Love m/m storylines, Laura, and now I have three more stories to add to my wish list.

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Laura Tolomei aka Lalla Gatta said...

Yah, don't those lists keep getting longer the more you read on the net? LOL
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