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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Creating Characters That People Love by Raine Delight

Creating characters that people love

I love diverse, interesting characters in the books I read. From Roarke and Eve in the ‘In Death’ series by JD Robb to the Dark Hunters/Huntresses in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series, characters that are intriguing and complex with vulnerabilities keep the reader glued to their seats or pages in this case may be, eager to see what happens next. As an author I am forever trying to figure out how to make my characters more life like and enjoyable to readers. Sometimes I get it right like I did in Haunting Magic with Rodrick and Jaxon and other times I feel I missed the mark a little bit.  So I try to figure out what I can do to make them more dimensional and to have readers fall in love with. With each story, I start out with a loose idea on which my characters may be. I add a dash of this, a pinch of that and stir…hoping that they won’t taste too bad. Sometimes I need to add a bit of seasoning as well to make them taste just right. All authors go through the “Did I create memorable characters? Have I got their personalities right?”. I have had books where my characters would scream, I mean so loud it drowns out the radio and family loud, that they are not how I portrayed them. I don’t know about you but having characters scream at you day in and day out has me in a panic. So I delete, rework and hopefully get it right so they can be quiet again…well until the next story that is.

In Moonlight & Magic (Devon Falls Book 5), we meet Dixie Stevens and Michael Barnes, two people who have issues about love. Michael doesn’t believe he is worthy to have a mate and a family of his own. Dixie has seen the way true mates are together in her cousins yet feels like she is the third wheel sometimes when she is around them. These two find that fate has determined that these two are perfect for one another. Michael and Dixie have to work through their issues in order to get their happily ever after.

I love characters that are well rounded and engage my imagination. With the right amount of alpha-ness, vulnerabilities and redeeming qualities, I hope my characters steal your heart as they do mine.

So my question to you, dear readers is: who are some of your favorite characters you have read and loved?

Raine Delight is the author of the popular Devon Falls series (coming to Secret Cravings Publishing) and is currently creating two new trilogies to tempt her readers with.

You can find more about Raine at her website, blog, Facebook page and at her reader loop. She loves to hear from readers so drop her a line at

Series: Devon Falls Book 5
Paranormal/Shifter Erotic Romance
Coming Soon to Secret Cravings Publishing

Can a were-tiger convince one stubborn woman that she is his for all time and show her that falling in love is just as sinful as a chocolate kiss?

Dixie Sinclair has watched her cousins all fall in love and now she wants the same. Dared to go to the annual Masquerade ball, Dixie finds the one thing she desires: love…one problem…can she trust that it will last after that one night?

Michael Barnes is a rare white were-tiger who was thrown out of his pride long ago for a trumped up crime, Michael roams the world searching for the one place to call home. Finding that peace in Devon Falls, he finds the one woman who stirs him like no other. Can he convince Dixie that she can trust in him forever?


SherryGLoag said...

Your characters sound well rounded and real to me, and your comments pulled me in that I wanted to know more about them.
Thanks for sharing

elizabeth noble said...

Your books sound fascinating and very imaginative with great characters.


desitheblonde said...

is he a god or what i like the book a lot

Amy S. said...

Shifter books, yum! Got to get these!

Jean P said...

Your characters sound very interesting, love to read about those. Must check out these series.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

heavy hedonist said...

Were-tiger-- have you been peeking into my private fantasy life???

Paradox Sinner said...

Tigers are my favorite animals and shifters are some of my favorite stories so you got me.