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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Curl up with a Cowboy Tonight!

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I'm sharing some snippets today from one of my Eclipse, Texas western erotic romance stories, Wolf's Tender. Why do we love a hero out of the Old West? Meet Charlie Wolf McCallister, bounty hunter and unrepentant savage.

Charlie Wolf released her hand, walking away without word or glance, stripping off his shirt to drop it on the floor of the barn.  

Automatically, testimony to her years of picking up after others, Naomi stooped and retrieved the shirt.The handkerchief around his neck dropped next, and as she bent to pick it up, she saw that he'd stopped by the horse trough at the end of the aisle.  

“Like I said outside,” she paused speaking, to watch him unfasten his gun belt and lay it on the bale of straw. Then he untied the leather thong holding his knife to his thigh and laid that weapon next to his gun. 

“I need to hire you.” Naomi was so focused on the bronze hand scratching  the bare skin on his chest it was difficult to remember her purpose in following him to the barn.  

He turned his gaze toward her as if he just remembered she was there and said, “I’m planning on being  naked as the day I was born and in that tub of water in two minutes whether you get out of here or not.”

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Kelli Scott said...

luv a bad boy.

Bianca Swan said...

My kind of man!

Gem Sivad said...

Kelli, we'll call it having an independent spirit! ;)

Charlie Wolf is a confirmed bad boy, for sure. He ignores any rules he didn't make and any game he didn't choose.

Thanks for stopping by,


Gem Sivad said...


If you like your men cool under fire (unless you're lighting it) and hot between the sheets, Charlie Wolf's your man. :)

Thanks for leaving a comment.


Jean P said...

Oh Charlie sounds like the bad boy you are always told to stay away from!

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Gem Sivad said...

Jean, Charlie would be the first to tell you he's all man and bad to the bone. Rawrrrr.

Happy Valentine's Day,


The Viking Princess said...

Hello, I love all the books in this series. If I had to pick a favorite Breed True would be my pick.

Gem Sivad said...

Viking Princess you make me so proud. Thanks for reading the series. Grady and Julie (Breed True) are sharing a first kiss over at Goddess Fish Blog @ 4:00 today.

Happy Valentine's Day,


Chicks of Characterization said...

oooh, love those bad boys!!! Looks like a great read!!! Thanks for sharing!!