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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Erotica pleasures this writer!

So I'm a little bit new at this blog thing, and while it does make me nervous, I'm actually extremely excited. Let me give you a little background on myself so that way when I do any future blogs some of you will already know who I am. My name Is Mindi Ferrari and I am a published author at Secret Cravings Publishing (amazing company that toots my horn) and with Publish America (wouldn't recommend them to my dog, well if I had a dog! lol) I have been writing straight for about 5 years now but have really began to focus more on my adult romance stories rather then my young adult romance. My current novel is due to be released May 30, 2011 through Secret Cravings Publishing, its called "Heart Shaped Love." Of course it is a Paranormal Romance/Erotica and is a vampire story, who doesn't love to read a vampire novel these days. Especially you women out there. We dream of being bitten by the overbearing, cocky vampire that has such breathtaking looks that you literally orgasm just thinking about him. For this novel I wanted to focus more on the aspect of the basic vampire hero and the gentle female human that needs to be saved. I wanted to create a whole new world out there that brings this basic vampire tale to life. I wanted to give you such a great world to dream of at night when you sleep you wake up wanting to finish the tale, and that leads you only to the spot of, when you finish the story you are begging for more. Each character has such a great personality that contributes on such a high note to the story line. You have your soft spoken vampire, to your arrogant vampire that needs to be slapped by a woman. To your human characters that are just begging to be brought into this vampire world. There is sex and lies, and kidnapping, broken hearts, and scandalous adventures. All tied up in this seductive world that you wish you could crawl into and become one with the story.

Now here's the basics I'm a married woman with 6 kids, Yes that an extreme amount for any family so I jump everyday at the chance to dive into my stories and my novels to give you a tale to take you away from your everyday life that drives you insane. I want to give you passion and make you feel like you are falling in love with the hero's of the story. I want to make you feel like you cant let the book go because if you do your heart will break. Now before I keep rambling, here's the Synopsis:

Annie was definitely not ready for the life that was about to be handed to her. She had a job she liked but a boss she hated. She had no family and only one true friend. One horrible day took her life by surprise. Beaten and almost dead, she finds her life in the arms of an overbearing, handsome Vampire, and find that she wants nothing more then to stay put there forever. Only one problem Annie faces though, she can't seem to let go of her past.
Nicholie was definitely on a mission in his life, to kill the hunters that brutally murdered his sister Emma, and maintain his life as an assassin which is more than time consuming. Closing in a lead he ends up finding Annie instead. Everything is broken on this poor defenseless humans body. He brings her back to his mansion and find out that instead of bringing her back to life by letting her heal, he ends up trying to deny the overwhelming feelings he ends up having for her. Wanting to keep this human for himself is one of the biggest battle Nicholie will face. His very belief system as a Vampire will be tested beyond belief.
So there it is. For me this novel is a great love story proving that even vampires have a weak side other then their desire for blood. I am very excited to have my first adult romance novel being published with secret cravings publishing. They are an amazing company that truly loves their authors. So with me promoting my book lol. And my website and my publishing company. Now I can promote how much I love the desire to read books that have not just your basic sex scenes but a book for me has to have that unbelievable tantalizing, knees weakening, mouth watering, need to grab my husband and replay the sex scene. For me reading a romance novels has to not just lead up to the amazing scene in the book but it has to make you want that same desire in your own sex life. I find myself being drawn to the erotica books because sex is more than beautiful, it is an act that every human being must love and need to do especially if you are married. When I was at my lowest in my sex life with my husband I picked up my very first novel by Jessica Bird, my intentions with her novel was to read a great romance story but I was blown away by the response my body had. It made me want to spice things up in my marriage that I have never thought I would do. It brought out this crazy side of me that made me want to seduce my husband all over again, and being married for 7 years sometimes your sex life can get, not boring, but more like repetitive. Well needless to say it is not that anymore, and know I make my husband more happy then any man could ever be. All because of the sexy sultry scenes this Author provided for me. That is exactly what I want to do with my readers. I want to pull you an and give you that flame deep inside your body that wants to escape. I want to open your imagination and take you to places that you would only dream of. I want to give you that hidden desire that you have been begging for. So please take a chance on this great writer. If you stick with me I promise to never let you down and to always full fill all your desire, maybe even better then you vibrator!


Jean P said...

I enjoyed your post, and I really liked the blurb of your story. I will definitely be looking to add this one to my list. Love reading vampire stories.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Mindi said...

Thanks Jean!