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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Erotikos--blurb and excerpt

Anyone remember the movie Jumangi? Well this story is kind of like that, only for adults. I must warn you, my sexy diva has come out and she's ready to heat things up...

Available from Amber Quill Press

It's girl's night in. Three horny women and an evening of drinking and gossip. Mina has brought Erotikos, a strange game that promises to fulfill their every sexual desire with their choice of eight gorgeous men. With a simple roll of the dice, they'll embark on adventures where reality ceases and fantasy begins.

A than studied her a moment longer. "I don't remember you. Have you played before?"

Mina shook her head. "No. But I'm not wigged out by paranormal stuff. You don't frighten me."

"Really," he said with a cocked brow. "What makes you think you're safe? I could just kill you and be done with it, drain you dry."

Mina snorted. "According to the rules, all players must complete their tasks before they can go back. If I don't go back, No one else will ever play and you'll be stuck here in this world with no one to fuck. How's that for rationalization?" She declared, crossing her arms over her chest in bold defiance.

His gaze dropped to her breasts, which were propped upon her crossed arms like a couple of ripe melons. "Hmm..." he purred, taking no care to hide his interest. "Guess you got me. But first we must dispose of my hunter."

"Dispose? You mean...kill?" Mina didn't mind playing along, but killing someone was a different matter.

A than shrugged. "You have a problem with that? He'll be back next round, you know. Whether we kill him or not."

Mina paced the room in thought. "Well, it seems a little unfair that you get to have sex every time and he only gets to die. Don't you think."

Athan laughed. "Are you wanting a threesome, dear. I don't know your taste in men, but I can say with certainty that since you picked me, he is definitely not your type."

It was Mina's turn to snicker. "Honey, if he has a nice cock and knows how to use it, then he's my type," she declared with a haughty toss of her hair.

Athan regarded her with an exquisitely arched brow. "I'll make a deal with you. There's a secret door behind the hearth," he said, pointing to the fireplace. "That's where I'll hide until he's gone. He'll question you, search the house a bit, then leave. If you think you can persuade him to stay, then by all means...but I warn you, if he stays, he dies."

Mina bit her bottom lip mischievously. "Well, my card did say you needed sustenance," she purred, sauntering toward the bed. "Perhaps if I...distract him."

Placing her hands on the quilt, she leaned toward Athan. "Surely a man can provide enough blood to satisfy your thirst."

He grabbed both her arms and pulled her atop him before she could respond. His quickness disturbed her. Fear gripped her innards as she stared into his effervescent eyes.

"And what will you provide, Mina?"

The way he said her name--Long and drawn out, each syllable carefully pronounced--sent electric chills of awareness squabbling down her spine like Two bolts of current struggling for the same space. Mina gasped when they centered in her pelvis and her insides tightened in response. She bore down, trying to stunt the onset of an orgasm.

Sweat beaded her brow as she fought for control over her body. She couldn't help but question her choice of characters. If the man's voice alone could bring her to climax, she shuddered to think what he could do with his tongue.

"My tongue," he said, as though reading her thoughts. "Shall taste every inch of your flesh."

To emphasize his point, he tangled his fingers in her hair and pulled her head to the side, exposing her neck. Then he licked her from collarbone to jaw in a slow dragging sweep. She felt the scrape of teeth against her skin and prepared for his bite.

It never came.

"My hands shall touch each sacred part you've hidden beneath this dress."

Reaching down between them , he pulled up the hem of her gown, exposing her legs and thighs. His fingertips trailed her skin from knee to hip, releasing a barrage of goosebumps in their wake. Mina trembled with expectancy.

"And my cock shall plunder you raw," he said, pressing his hardness against her thigh. "Until you beg for mercy. And perhaps past then."

Parting the curls shrouding her center,he slipped one finger inside her already slick sheath. He found her G-spot almost instantly, as though he'd done so a million times before. Circling his finger just right, he teased the elusive area until it sang with excitement.

Closing her eyes, Mina sighed as he stroked her channel. "That feels so good," she panted, feeling a tightening in her belly that announced her impending peak. Unashamed, she rocked her pelvis forward and back.

"Before I'm through, dear Mina," he whispered against her throat. "I shall Davian you, body and soul."

Mina whimpered with protest when he removed his digit and replaced her gown. Just a few moments more and she'd have come all over his hand. But if she'd learned anything in her studies of mortals, it's that they despised being rushed.

To find out more about Shannon Leigh's writing, visit her Website.


Virginia said...

What a hot excerpt.


LuAnn said...

Wow! That's quite an excerpt!

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Nancy G said...

Did it just get hot in here? I need some ice water.

Janet H said...

Sounds like a fun game with lots of interesting possiblities.

Amy S. said...

Great excerpt! Sounds very interesting!