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Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Fiercely Addictive"-Mark of the Stars

Love Lust, a paranormal erotica novella. Excerpt:

“There's so much I want to tell you. It's like I can
feel you about to run. And I want you to stay. There's
this world of emotion inside my chest that I wish I could
show you, but I think that will send you running faster.”

My eyes stung. I fought to steady my choked
breathing. To calm the riot in my chest.

He tugged on his jeans, zipped them and shoved his
hands into the pockets. They hung low, showing off the

deep ridge of each hip muscle tapering down. “And then
there's part of me screaming that I'll regret not saying

Justin came to me. He cupped my face and looked
into my eyes. “Maybe I don't have to tell you.”

He didn't. I could feel it, too. I could sense it in the
change of my hunger, the nature of my repletion. The
way I suddenly felt whole, even if temporarily.

How was I supposed to keep this? Fate was a cruel,
bitter cunt. A relationship with a regular guy challenged
me enough. I could only imagine how much more
difficult fame would make love. Then factor in what Dr.
Santos had theorized. Impossible.

Completely impossible. Love plus honesty.

How could I ever tell him what I am? I love you and
by the way, I also feed off of you like a sexual leech. Oh,
no, not crazy. Prove it? Uh, yeah, can't. Sorry.
I put my clothes on. I needed to get out of there. I
needed to think.

“We're driving back today,” I said.

Justin nodded. “I have a flight out to L.A. tonight.”

“Fly safe, I guess,” I said.

He pulled me close and kissed me hard. “Not
goodbye, okay? Not yet. Okay? If I only get days or
weeks. I‟ll take it. You know that, right?”

I couldn't meet his eyes. I knew there'd be so much
hope and love shining in them that I'd tip off the
precipice and into his arms, a love-lost fool. A succubus
couldn't run pell mell into the oblivion. Paula had shown
me that many times over. Justin could so easily be my

I hugged him tight instead, nodding, memorizing his
scent and the feel of his arms around me. Then I left. I
could feel him watching me from the open door as I
made my way down stairs that blurred from fat, popping

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Amy S. said...

Loved the excerpt!

Cathy M said...

That little touch of sadness was nicely done, Amber.

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Faith said...

Aw, that was such a poignant excerpt. Well done!

Beth Caudill said...

Great excerpt.

doxymom said...

Great excerpt!

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Jean P said...

That was a great excerpt, felt kind of sad though.

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Cindy L said...

Just stopping by to say Hi Amber! I already have Love Lust! Happy Valentine's Day!