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Sunday, February 13, 2011

First Hot Lovin

Let's admit it, very few of us have a first hot lovin. I'm talking virgins here. But once we get some experience under our belts, no pun intended, the first hot lovin with a new significant other can be wild! And greatly satisfying.

In Breathless Surrender, Reid and Alexis first time together is what some fantasies are made of.

Blurb - Months of running into her sexy new neighbor takes a toll on Alexis' libido. There's interest in his smoky gaze every time they meet, but he seems reluctant to ask her out. And other than a slight nod, and a polite hello, that's all they share. About to take matters into her own hands, she finds herself thrown into a situation that could end her life.

With nothing but erotic fantasies of Alexis to warm his bed at night, Reid knows he has to stay away from her until his undercover assignment is over. But when a coldblooded initiation to prove he's trustworthy forces him to involve her, there's nothing to keep him from claiming her.

Excerpt -
She caught her breath. Reid brushed the hair behind her delicate ear, inhaling a subtle fragrance that teased his senses further into overdrive. Holding her gaze, he removed the knife he carried in his pocket. Her eyes widened with fear, but before she had a chance to react he reached up and cut the rope above her wrists. As she fell, he caught her against him. Then he gathered her into his arms and headed straight for the bed. He dumped her onto the thin mattress and stood above her, eating her up with his eyes. Giving her time to run her gaze over him to confirm for herself that he wasn’t kidding.

Reid damn near lost control when her eyes reached his hard-on and lingered. His cock throbbed and he damned himself for the raw lust coursing through his veins. Maybe he was a little more like Juan than he thought.

There was no disguising the fact that Alexis was frightened. But there was something else in her eyes too, a kind of excitement, perhaps an acceptance of things to come. Maybe her instinct to survive had kicked in and she figured she’d do whatever it took to stay alive. Even if it meant giving herself to a man she didn’t know other than a polite acknowledgement when they passed in the hallway.

Aware time was slipping by, Reid pulled his tee shirt over his head and reached for the snap to his jeans. He hesitated only a second when her eyes flared, then kicked off his shoes. Before long his jeans were joining his shirt on the floor. A whimper escaped her but nothing else. Reid couldn’t tell if it was a sound of fear or pleasure. He decided to leave his briefs on, lowering his body until he covered her. The second his raging cock came in proximity to her pussy it strained and pushed in a demand to be released.

A grunt escaped him before he could stop it and Reid ground his hard flesh between Alexis’ thighs. She cried out and she pushed against his shoulders. He slapped his mouth down on hers, easily forcing his chest down against her breasts. When her hands came up, her long nails scraping the flesh at his sides, he took hold of her wrists and pinned them to the bed above her head.

“Easy, baby,” he breathed against her lips. His mouth skimmed down to her breasts. Transferring both of her wrists to one hand, he brought the other one down to her bra, surprised at how easily he was able to unsnap the front hook. When her full globes broke free of the restraint, Reid nuzzled his face between them, drinking in the musky fragrance of her warm, silky flesh.

“Please,” she gasped, arching into him.

Reid could only hope her plea sounded like a protest from where Juan was standing on the other side of the mirror. He knew Alexis’ compliance wasn’t what the drug lord was looking for. “Fight me, damn it!” he grated against her ear before giving it a not-so-gentle bite. Maybe he needed to get a little forceful with her to get the reaction Juan was expecting. He began to move his free hand over her curves roughly, exploring from her breasts to her waist, hip and down her thigh, then sliding beneath her body to squeeze her ass.

He took a full breast into his mouth and suckled like it was sweet, ripe fruit. Her flesh was sweet and responsive. He rolled her nipple with his tongue and when he was done loving one he slid his open mouth over to the other. Nibbling and sucking, he took that nipple into his mouth too, tugging on it fiercely.

“Nooooo,” she drew the word out on a long breath. “Please stop, Mike! This isn’t right!” She gasped and arched her body wildly beneath him. Reid knew when a woman was receptive to his advances. His gut told him she was unwillingly turned-on by what he was doing. He’d been about to remind her to fight him again, but her squirming made him think of only one thing. Completing the journey to losing himself in her body.

He continued to torture her nipple, his hand slowly gliding to her pussy. A thin triangle of lace covered her mound and it was soaked. He curled his hand around the fragile lace and with a violent jerk he tore it from her body. Before she had time to react, he slipped a finger inside her, finding more proof of her desire.

“Oh!” she gasped, trying to close her thighs to his invasion while at the same time arching into the finger buried deep inside her. “Not right…”

Reid pulled back slightly to meet her eyes and then lowered his gaze to her mouth where he watched her teeth sink into her bottom lip. “I’m glad it’s you.” He barely heard her whispered words.

Why? Will it make what I’m about to do to her any easier to endure? Damn, I need to get on with it. Before common decency takes control and I blow the whole damn thing. Angry at his thoughts, he slipped another finger inside her.

She whimpered, yet surprisingly kissed Reid back when he joined his mouth to hers. With one hand manipulating her pussy, he let go of her wrists and curled the other around her breast, caressing her roughly. The fire in his blood demanded he screw her, and when her small hands began to travel over his body it only fueled the beast in him. He removed his fingers to replace them with his cock. She stiffened slightly. She must have sensed what he was about to do.

He continued to kiss her, their tongues battling. Her hands were moving over the scars covering his back, going lower each time until she reached his boxers. He couldn’t wait for her to take the initiative, though something told Reid that she wouldn’t even if they had more time. He reached between their bodies, freed his cock and with a violent thrust, buried himself deep inside her wet body.

Her nails raked his back, her hips arched to accept him, he swallowed her cry. She was so small and tight, slick and warm with desire. Her body sheathed his hungry cock like it was made for him. Every thrust threatened to end it for Reid and he purposely held back. It felt too damn good, and it would probably be a long time before he felt anything half as good again. His hands went to her hips, she turned her head to gasp for breath and Reid used the pause in their kiss to take a breast in his mouth. Each time he entered her body with a downward thrust over her clit, making sure he pleasured her. Her rapid pants began to escalate, warning him she was about to come.

Crying softly, she bit down on her bottom lip. Her nails scraped along his flesh again. Her climax fed his hunger. Wanting to ride the wave with her, Reid let himself go, unleashed his burning desire, and before long he was filling Alexis’ body with his release. Their bodies worked against each other, their movements out of control as the violence of their orgasms caught them both by surprise. The room was filled with the sounds of their labored breathing, their bodies were covered with a sheen of moisture. Gradually the convulsions slowed and Reid collapsed against her.

He’d gone off like a rocket. As if he hadn’t screwed anyone in a long time. The force of his climax surprised him. He needed a minute to gain control, knowing at that moment that he was vulnerable. If anyone made a move against him he wouldn’t stand a chance. He was wiped out, and by a little slip of a woman. Realizing he might be crushing her, he lifted the top half of his body. She was breathing deeply, her lips swollen by his kisses. At that moment Reid was mesmerized by the sheen in her lovely blue eyes, the color in her flushed cheeks.

He wondered what was going through her mind. Her calm acceptance at what had just happened surprised him. Their gazes clung. Without being obvious, he reached for his jeans on the floor and felt for the pocket that held the small syringe. Slipping it out, he brought it up toward Alexis’ hip. “I’m sorry, Alexis.” Something prompted him to kiss her as he stabbed the needle into her flesh. She stiffened, but only for a second. And when she relaxed completely beneath him, Reid knew the drug had worked and she was out cold.

Tory Richards


Cathy M said...

Thank you for that generous excerpt, Tory, that was wicked good. Will have to get the book now to figure out how they get out of this mess.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Faith said...

Hot! Where's the fire extinguisher?

Jean P said...

That was an intense, very hot excerpt. Wow

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Cindy L said...

Tory you really do know how to write and intense scene!


Tory Richards said...

Glad you enjoyed the excerpt ladies. Good luck with winning some of those offered prizes:)