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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Getting personal with Shannon Leigh--the sexy diva

Okay, for those of you who read the blog post on the Goddess Fish Party Blog about the side of me that's an angel, and one want to see the side of me that conjures up erotic romances so hot they can melt you computer screen here's a little insight into the sexy side of me...

It's taken me years to release that inner part of me that can look someone in the face and say, "I love sex", without having my face flame with embarrassment. Let's face it, ladies, our sexuality was suppressed for far too long by society stigmatism. Since I've been writing, I've met some very talented and inspirational women who've unknowingly helped me grow into the sexy diva I am know.

As women, what makes us feel sexy? ( let me interject here that I am in no way bashing men. I'm only speaking from a woman's POV) I think sexiness is a personal road we all have to travel. I'm not sure there's necessarily an end. Some of us get so far and pull over when we comfortable where we are, and others are able to venture farther to realms we never thought we'd go before. I believe one of the single most important things that helps us on this journey is having a supportive and respectful partner. I'm sorry, but the old "I want a lady on the street but a freak in the bed" idea really stunts our growth and self esteem. At least for me. I'm not saying you can't be tasteful and modest in public and still get your groove on behind closed doors, you absolutely can. It's all about finding that middle ground and doing things that make you feel sexy all the time.

So what have I done to make myself feel sexier? Well there's the typical things like wearing sexy underwear and bras, heady perfume, etc. But let's get into the bold here. Have you ever cooked Thanksgiving dinner in the nude? My husband still brags about that to his buddies! Ladies, they say men are visual during sex and we're more emotional, but have you ever ventured to watch in the mirror? It brings a whole new sense of power and freedom. But you don't have to get bold and have sex in a public bathroom or on an airplane to feel sexy. Sometimes just being more aware of yourself can make you feel like a goddess all the time. Put a little more wiggle in your walk. Unbutton that blouse one more notch. Dive into that romance book you've got stashed in your drawer then attack your partner with a feral hunger that leaves him (or her) breathless.

Deep inside, we're all sexy divas. But it's up to you to
Et her out.


Crystal Dee said...

I believe you have to first see yourself as sexy before someone else can. How else are you really going to believe him/her?

Jean P said...

I agree, if you don't think of yourself as sexy, no one else will.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Shannon Leigh said...

Excellent points.

Caffey said...

I so agree! I too think that the more open we talk about it, be it in romance books or blogs! the more we too let it be known its good to!

cathiecaffey @

Cindy L said...

I think what made me feel the sexiest was when I was at the end of my pregnancy and I was huge! My son weighed 10lbs and people didn't believe I had twins in there. My husband said I never looked more beautiful. That's just what I needed to hear when I felt I looked my worst.


Cathy M said...

Lets hear for all of us sexy divas.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Kasey said...

I like walking around in an ultra-feminine robe with lots of colors. That always makes me feel incredibly sexy. Enjoyed this post! So true about finding a middle ground.

Nancy G said...

I believe you can be a sexy diva if you just believe in yourself. I recently had a friend at work tell me he thought my can do attitude was sexy-who knew?

Paradox Sinner said...

Hi Shannon;

I believe I am rare when it comes to my sexuality. I have always said I am a gay man trapped in a womans body.

I have always been pretty comfortable w/ who I am. The reality is that I am a freak. Shock the hell out of my mom when she asked me at 16 if I was a virgin and I flat out told her no. Then again I began masterbating a fairly young age also. I do not allow other to affect my sexual feelings/actions because it is one part of me I fully embrace.

Shannon Leigh said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments. I'm so glad were all in touch with our inner divas!