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Friday, February 11, 2011


When I thought about writing this blog post, a thousand things came to mind. None of which seemed necessary or original. So instead of being clever or informative, I thought I’d tell you about one of the greatest joys I’ve found in being a writer on the internet. Writing is a business and I’ll never say anything to the contrary, but it’s also a family.

A few weeks before my second book, AFTER HOURS, released in 2009, my grandmother, and best friend, passed away. That same week, a long-term relationship ended leaving me in a rather unfortunate financial position. I faced a hard decision: Keep pursing my writing dreams or put them far on the back burner. I never considered not writing; that’s in the bones, but I have a family to support and we all know writing is not a get-rich-quick plan and it takes a lot of time.

Although I have a close-knit family, it was my internet family—that group of writers and readers—that circled the wagons though phone calls, texts, IM’s and tweets. They understood the importance of my dreams, encouraged when required, kicked me in the pants when necessary and embraced me when I needed it most.

I had two books sketched out at the end of 2009. It took a bit longer than I’d like, but with my support system, by the end of 2010, both were polished and submitted. Both release early this year. Quite frankly, this feels like my second debut.

The connections that you make online are as real, as important, and necessary as those you make at the grocery store, work or at school. I have always said that romance writers and readers are the nicest people in the world. The last year has cemented that thought firmly in my mind. Do you think it’s the pursuit of happily-ever-after? Surrounding yourself with passion and love? I honestly don’t know, but I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

So thank you to all of you and I sincerely hope you enjoy CREATIVE LICENSE this February and HOOKING UP in March. And yes, there is something else in the works already.

Lynne Roberts wrote her first story out of frustration at the age of 11 because Gone with the Wind just couldn’t end with Rhett and Scarlett not together.

She’s a hopeless romantic and a sucker for a happily ever after.
She’s been writing professionally since 2005 and, after reading some very talented authors, attempted her first erotic romance in 2009.

A hopeless coffee-addict, when she’s not writing, editing or on Twitter—which isn’t often—you can find her in the garden, reading or with her five children. Sometimes all of the above.

Lynne currently lives in sunny California. You can learn more about her on her website and blog. She’d love to hear from you.

You can find in on the internet at her website,; blog, or on Twitter, @Lynne_Roberts


Karin said...

Congratulations on your upcomsing releases, Lynne! What you said about the online community is so very true. The support from those you know online can be just as important as the people you see in your day-to-day, non-internet life.

Janice said...

Congrats to you, Lynne. For not giving up and keep pursing your dreams.

Best of luck with your newest release!


Cathy M said...

Sounds like a great year for you, Lynne. I will be checking out your stories.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Tonya Kinzer said...

Lynne, congrats on the releases and for hanging in there! Love the cover. I'm heading over to your sites. Perhaps we'll meet on the net...I do guest author interviews, contact me!

tonyakinzer at