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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


My Secret Addiction

It’s confession time. I once spent an entire day in bed watching the six-part run of Pride and Prejudice (I’m talking the dreamy Colin Firth version). I’ve been known to swoon over movies featuring men dressed in Civil War uniforms. Sometimes, I stay up reading until 4 a.m. because I can’t get enough of a Regency rake.

There is nothing I love more than a sexy historical hero. Way back when I discovered romance novels by stealing them from my older sister’s book shelf, I realized there was something extra special about a man in a greatcoat. Or a man in breeches. And most especially a man divested of his breeches.

Maybe it’s the time-gone-by gentleman factor. Maybe it’s the potent lure of a horse-drawn carriage rumbling down an English country road while a sinfully tempting earl strips you of your gown and stays. There’s just no denying the attraction of the historical man. Some people crave cheeseburgers, others a crisp glass of wine. Me? I crave the 19th century duke, the medieval earl, the Regency gaming baron.

Ah, yes. The Regency gaming baron. Nothing sets my romance reader’s dial to swoon faster than the owner of a gaming hell who is bad boy to the core, a talented seducer, and oh-so-handsome.

Enter Pierce Foster, the hero of my latest novella from Ellora’s Cave. In Lady Clarissa’s Seduction, poor Lady Clarissa falls victim to her wastrel father’s severe gambling habits. But nothing can prepare her for the sight of fabulously handsome—and did I mention notorious?—gaming hell owner Pierce. He comes to collect payment, but it’s not baubles and trinkets he has in mind. It’s Clarissa.

Pierce knows how to melt a woman with a caress, a deliciously deep kiss, a smoldering look. Clarissa is no match for his charm and seduction. Soon, she succumbs to decadent passion with Pierce. There remains between them something more troubling than their difference in social classes, however, and it threatens to tear them apart.

As a writer, I can honestly say I’ve never written a steamier hero yet than Pierce. By the story’s conclusion, I was every bit as seduced as Clarissa, and I hope you will be too…

Scarlett Scott has loved romance novels ever since she was eleven and swiped her older sister’s books to read by flashlight in her closet. Her mother caught her, but she remained undeterred. A self-described promiscuous writer, she dabbles in all sorts of genres but loves erotic romance best. She lives with her hero and their adorable but occasionally evil puppy. Her other titles include Wicked Dirty from Ellora’s Cave and She’s on Top from Ravenous Romance.  


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Kate Hill said...

Hi Scarlett! I love historical heroes too. Vikings, Roman gladiators and regency heroes are among my favorites. Lady Clarissa's Seduction sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate! I love Vikings and gladiators too. There's something extra steamy about a warrior! Thanks for your kind words :)

Mindi said...

Hi Scarlett. I have never read historical but thanks to you I will definitly be reading yours! Loved your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mindi! I'm so happy to turn you onto historicals. They have been my secret vice for years!

Cathy M said...

Thanks for the heads up, Scarlett, I will be sure to check out your story.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Scarlett said...

Thanks, Cathy! I hope you enjoy it :)