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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hey guys my new novel doesn't come out until May 30, 2011. I wanted to share an excerpt from the book because I am just so excited. And with Valentines quickly approaching what would be more fitting then to send you a quick little scene between the two main characters. So with our further ado here you go!

The minutes had gone by extremely slow before Nicholie had called her back. "Maybe hes just to busy. I shouldn't have called him anyways." her thoughts were getting twisted, her confusion about him shooting through her mind like bullets.
And before she knew it the phone rang and she jumped, her body fell off the cushion. "Shit!" She yelled and propped herself back up onto the bed in a hurry and answered the line.
"You okay?" he sounded like he was running a marathon.
"I'm fine, look I was wondering if you had time to come and talk?" Waiting for an answer her heart stopped dead as she heard a knock at the door, "Hold on Nicholie someone's at the door."
"Hi." Smiling from ear to ear he stepped through the door.
"How did you get here so fast I thought you were out tonight?"
As she walked over the the ledge of the window she sat down on the cushion that her butt had now become familiar with.
"I really wasn't that far." He said, sitting next to he close.
There was about a two minute silence as Annie started to nervously mess with her clothes. She hesitated and then took in a large breath and just let it out, "Are you a pimp?"
Laughing hysterically, he grabbed her hand and held it tight "where would you get an idea like that?" All that electricity from his touch was shooting up through her arms, vibrating every nerve ending in her body. The warmth of it cascading down until it hit right between her legs. "oh God" She thought, "how could something so simple feel so amazing."
"We'll look around. Not to mention you keep saying things to me in a flattering, well you know." She batted her eyes then looked down at the floor. At this point Annie's face turned bright red and she became extremely embarrassed. she felt the touch of his hand as he slowly pulled her face up by her chin.
"I'm not a pimp." His lips. God his lips were so red and plump. They looked juicy and ripe. Just enough for her to bite right into.
Her whole stature slouched in relief, "Oh thank God." she exhaled.
"I have investments of all sorts and it just adds up over the decades."
"I mean years." He stuttered.
"You don't mind me being here do you?" Please say no.
"Of course not. I love you here its a change of pace around all the testosterone."
She could help but be overwhelmed by his beauty. he was so gorgeous and enticing. Annie sat there and gazed up into his beautiful baby blue eyes. He grabbed her face again, this time pulling her face closer. her eyes closed with anticipation. And just before he went in for the kiss. The first kiss, she stopped him in his tracks.
"Wait!" No don't wait, just do it. She pleaded with herself.
"I mean don't wait. Damn it. I ruined it now." She squinted. then jumped to her feet and just blurted out her words. "I'm just scared. its been awhile Nicholie."
Turning her back towards him she crossed her arms firmly over her chest. She felt his presence getting closer, the heat from his body making the hair on her arms stand up. Then his hands were on her waist pulling her around to face him. No hands grabbed her face this time. Which was a little nerving. Instead Nicholie pulled her in tight and clenched harder onto her hip bone. The warmth and comfort of his grip made her so hot on her core.
Then before she knew it his lips touched hers. They were gentle and soft. and the best part. She couldn't move away. Fear always made her run. This however was good fear.
He moved his lips against her, slow and steady. The feel was amazing. Her mind blanked out again and could feel the growl grow in his chest as her hand gently rested on his muscles. His lips opening enough to hold her lower lip, and as he pulled away she instantly felt loss, loneliness. Then he looked into her face. "don't you ever be scared around me." Kissing her once again she melted into his arms. No more thoughts entered her mind, it was complete silence up above.
Hopefully this isn't some form of "hero syndrome" I've developed.

Hope you enjoyed there first sweet yet simple kiss. I can't wait for this book to be released. If want want to learn more about me and my writing, please don't hesitate to look me up on my website: or check me out on facebook! I would be happy to hear from you.


desitheblonde said...

wow the book are getting better by the hour and more tasting

Mindi said...

Thats what I said about a lot of the excerpts I read

Jean P said...

Making a note of this one, really enjoyed the excerpt!

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Crystal Dee said...

Decades huh. Okay, Can't wait for it to come out. It'll be in time for me to get it for myself on my Daughter's birthday.(What?... I worked hard on that day and did a fairly good job getting her here. I should get a present too.)

Mindi said...

You sure should Crystal! All of us mommy deserve something on there bdays, after all we pushed them out lol