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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Keeping the Fires Burning

If you’re in an established relationship and like to kick up the heat now and then, there are so many things you can do. Rather than hiring a sitter and going out, let the kids stay overnight with grandma or your best friend and you two stay in. Stock up ahead of time with a new toy or two, or a movie, and some fun finger food. Or, for kicks, buy a few of your favorite erotic romances (or dust off the tried and true faves you haven’t, uh, tried yet) and act out the good parts.

Seriously. Maybe you don’t want to invite a friend to try the menage a trois scenes, (or maybe you do, but shouldn’t admit it), but why not invite your love into the fantasies you enjoy so much? The positions, the pieces of furniture, or interesting foodstuffs might be just the thing. Or they might send you both into fits of laughter at how wrong it really is. Either way, your night won’t be remembered as the same old box of chocolates, fifteen-minute roll in the sack and nod off to sleep event as last year.

And of course, I can suggest a book to test-drive. In Honey, I focused on a married couple who wanted to add a little spark to their evening, but through lack of coordination ended up with his boss coming to dinner. But Rick was never a patient man. Just how long can he wait to break out the toys?

Now, I'm turning the tables on you. Readers always ask authors about how they research their sexy scenes. I want to know if you've ever tried something you've read, and what book it came from. I need to stock my own shelves, dontcha know!


The plan was perfect. Slinky black lace dress. Leg-slimming stilettos. Some toys to expand the boundaries of their normal routine. Her husband’s favorite meal. The only point Lisa missed was telling him ahead of time.

When Rick comes home with his boss in tow, Lisa has to scramble to make herself decent. Now if only Rich would wait for the boss to leave before trying out the toys. But he’s never been a patient man where sex is concerned…


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desitheblonde said...

wow the boss that a turn off but it cold be fun

Stormy said...

Don't know that I could pinpoint one book that influenced me try something new but I've read enough about toys that I got up the nerve to ask for one for my birthday. I think he was just as surprised and excited as I was.

Amy S. said...

Honey sounds good!

Ari Thatcher said...

Thanks for dropping by! Stormy, good for you, asking for a toy. You never know until you try!

Jean P said...

Can't say there has been a book that has influenced me to try something, but there might be that one out there yet!

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Ari Thatcher said...

Jean, have fun looking for it!

Paradox Sinner said...

I like the way your mind thinks! I can always go for a new toy.