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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love Even for the Darkest Soul

Love comes to all, even male wereleopards. Not easily for Dev, who has to convince his soul mate that loving another male is not wrong, not when the Dreaming foretold it. That's what came to me when Dev was the first to speak in my head, that it would be a male/male romance for the secopnd book in the Beast Magic series. I learned through writing his and Montsho's tale that love can help even the darkest soul.
Enjoy this excerpt from DARK LEOPARD MAGIC

He left me alone. I sat there for a while, constraining the memories back into a corner of my soul, then with a sigh stood up. As if by instinct, I stumbled into the living room. A lone lamp shone, sending its gentle glow over the couch. Stripping and dropping the clothes on the rug, I fluffed the pillow and crawled beneath the blanket. After clicking off the light, I lay awake, unable to fall asleep. I did what I always did to help me drop off when I couldn't, masturbate. I tried thinking of my host—even though I knew he would not be pleased if he knew—when it happened. The Dreaming forced its way upon me. The face of my heart and soul flashed into my mind, seductive like a lover's promise. Dark-skinned, his eyes of amber-yellow gleamed.  The name Montsho flittered across my mind.

I am not prejudiced, but I never thought my heart's desire would be a black man. It didn't matter, though. He was handsome, though no smile lit up his lips. In fact, he looked upset and because of it, he transformed. Where he had stood, a leopard with a coat of glossy black fur crouched. It snarled and then leaped. The Dreaming broke, and I lay there, my heart thumping. More so, my cock had hardened to the point that it hurt unbearably.

I couldn't stay here. Not after the Dreaming.

I had to find him.

Hell, needed to find him.

Find him, or die trying.

I flipped back the blanket and grabbed the clothes, slipping them on. I paused and stared at the darkened hallway that led to my host's bedroom. Then I gave a shrug and opened the front door, slipping into the night without a goodbye.

I could have done the transformation at that moment but decided to wait until I found some woods. The temperature had dropped considerably, but I didn't feel it. Crossing several miles, I came to some woods and, hiding behind one tall tree, chunked my clothing and converted into the leopard. I ran as swift as the fastest wind. Instinct told me where to go. Instinct started by the Dreaming.

Most werepeople had their Dreaming when young. I assumed that meant I would never have a true mate. That maybe my lust for other men seemed deviant to the Dreaming.

No, it seemed that I was a late bloomer. Thank the stars and moon my mate was a male like me, and not a female. Love or not, I doubted I could have touched a woman, not after knowing the pleasures of a man's flesh. As the old saying went, you can't change a leopard's spots.

Pausing by a small stream, I lowered my head and lapped at the cold water.

Why did he look angry?  I wondered if he had his Dreaming and saw me. Did that mean he wasn't gay?

I lifted my head, despair slamming into me with a hard punch. No. How cruel is the Dreaming, to show me my mate, and he wouldn't be able to stomach my touch?

I shuddered. Hardly breathing, I splashed through the water and padded down a small path between bushes and trees. Branches whipped me, but I didn't care. I had to find him, convince my beloved that we were meant to be together.  Lust filled me as I imagined myself in my leopard form and I mounted him, his long black tail swishing against my front, its tip tickling my nose.

I sped up, dust rising behind me in a thick cloud.

I ran like that for several nights, sleeping during the day in my leopard body, hidden in caves and deep holes that I dug out beneath bushes. The Dreaming came upon me as I slept and saw him, as a black leopard and as a man, his naked, nubile body pleasing to me. I especially loved his cock. Not as large as mine in girth, still it was long, with a thick, dark bulbous head. Uncircumcised, too. My mouth watered to suck and taste his salty, warm staff, to swallow his liquid of need. I wanted to pleasure him, show him that love with another male would not be terrible. Desperate to make him want me, I corrupted one of my Dreamings and sent my beast magic out to seduce my lover.

He used his beast magic to fight back, but somehow, some way, mine was stronger. Pleased that my magic was the alpha, I was able to stalk up to him in our dreams. I grasped his rod in my hand and stroked it. He shuddered, unable to fight the luscious feeling of his cock being mastered. Like an instrument I played his lust like a love song until it filled him and he let me drag him into my arms.

"Come, is this so bad?" I whispered into his ear, flicking the tip of my tongue into it. "Let me show you even more sensation."

I dropped to my knees. The head of his penis waved in front of me. Eager, I leaned over and kissed it. It shuddered as he shuddered. Sucking the head, then the rest of it into my mouth, I let my tongue slip and slide over the hot flesh.

It tasted so good, so right. I'd been waiting for this, for him for a long, long time.  Grabbing each butt cheek, a finger nudging the rim of the hole between them, I worked on his cock. Unable to help it, he roared and shot his load down my throat. Ecstatic, I consumed his ambrosia.

Then I rose to my feet and reached down to take his hand in mine, letting it feel its way up my leg 'til it rested between my inner thighs, within fingertip length of my erection. "Do what you want to do, lover, not what you think you should." I bent over and whispered into his ear, licking it. "Your name, Montsho, what does it mean?"

He shivered, not answering me.

I laughed. "Come on," I purred against his lips, kissing him with butterfly touches. "What does it mean?"

"Black, it means black."

I nuzzled one of his nipples, hard as a pebble. "Yes, you are, and so eatable like fine, dark chocolate, too. A luscious taste, one can never be satisfied with just one nibble."

I pulled away and looked into his eyes. "I'm coming for you. Don't doubt that. I will find you. You're the balm I have needed for my dark soul for a long time, Montsho. The other half I needed to connect with."

He closed his eyes. "I know. When the Dreaming came upon me and I saw you, I thought that something went wrong. All my life I had waited to see the she-leopard of my dreams, one who had fur as black as mine. But no, it revealed a white man with spotted fur. I fought it fang and claw. But I can't fight it anymore. I need you." He opened his eyes. "I love you."

He yanked me into his arms and kissed me. No, it wasn't a kiss. That sounded too gentle, too refined. This was a taking, a hurricane-force need that was more than a meeting of tongues and lips. Passion erupted in every molecule and atom of our bodies, ready to gush out in explosion. I clawed at his back, digging into the flesh, flaying it in my need to get inside his skin. He, too, I could tell, needed to crawl inside me, becoming one.

He took his lips an inch away. "Halla."

"Wha…what does that mean?"

"Unexpected gift."

I smiled. "I like that. I've never been anyone's gift before."

He stepped back. "Find me."

I threw out a hand. "Wait."


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