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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Men My Husband Says I Can Have Sex With (if the opportunity ever arose) In No Particular Order

By Emly Forrest

1. Sam Elliott (In fact, hubbie says HE wouldn’t mind a go at him.)

2. George Clooney (He just gets better as he gets older.)

3. Steve McQueen (Okay, he’s dead, but we’re just fantasizing here. And besides, he was the coolest guy in the universe.)

4. Robert Mitchum (Yeah, dead too, but those eyes were awesome.)

5. Kurt Russell (I can recite word-for-word nearly every line of the movie Tombstone.)

6. Jeff Bridges (The Dude rocks!)

7. Lyle Lovett (Yes, I know—funny hair. And he’s not especially handsome. But the man knows how to write and sing a good song. And he’s a gentleman. Besides, I think you’re required to adore him if you live in Texas.)

8. Richard Gere (Himself is a little ambivalent about this one. And I have to admit, I haven’t always been attracted. But, like Clooney, he’s just gotten better and better as the years go along.)

9. Tom Selleck (He has gotten a little pudgy these days, but in my mind, his looks and personality are classic.)

10. Paul Newman (My husband actually resembles Newman a little. Especially his eyes.)

You’ll notice that this list is full of old (or even dead) guys. That’s because I’m a mature woman. I know there’s others of you out there who love romance. How does my list stack up to yours?

Emly Forrest is the author of The Last Resort (2010) and Irish Ice (Coming in March 2011), both available at Please visit her website at or contact her at



Greta said...
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Greta said...

Good choices, every one of them. And we all have to have a list. You know, Steve McQueen's grandson is on Vampire Diaries and he is it must run in the family. Thanks for sharing Emily! (

Eyre said...

Great choices!

I'd have to add Matthew McConaughey, Alexander Skaarsgard, and Dermot Mulroney to the list. ;)

I totally get why Robert Mitchum is on your list.

Piper Denna said...

Yes, excellent list. And your hubby is so forward-thinking. LOL!

luciatea said...

If my boyfriend would have something to say about it, there would be no list at all :P A lot of the men on your list I don't know.

luciatea01 (at)

Kelli Scott said...

Luv Sam Elliott. He looks like he's laughing at us with his eyes.

Amy S. said...

I would add Harrison Ford to that. He might be older but he gets better with age too. I would also add, Matthew McCaunghey, Keanu Reeves, and Ryan Reynolds.

Bianca Swan said...

My list would have to include Johnny Depp in his role as the Earl of Rochester in The Libertine. And definitely Travis Fimmel--simply gorgeous! Fun post.

Emly Forrest said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOO, you guys all thought of some I did't even consider. Thanks for the additional thoughts from all!

Jean P said...

Love your list, totally agree with Sam Elliott.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Crystal Dee said...

Sam Elliot would top my list every time, but I would have added Bruce Willis and Mark Harmon

Paradox Sinner said...

Love it. Me and my husband also have a approved list of celeb's/famous people we can sleep with :)

heavy hedonist said...

Alan Rickman, a must for me. John Cleese, for his wit and kind eyes and pure length.
Michael Praed, of BBC's Robin of Sherwood fame, for sure. Jackie Chan, Vincent Cassel, Charles Dance, John Lone (The Last Emperor-- ooooh)-- that should do, for now.
Oh, let's not forget Aragorn!