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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Michael Mandrake Falling DEEPLY in Love M/M

Hi Whipped cream readers, happy Valentines Day...

I'm Michael Mandrake, the gay male alter ego of Sharita L. I would like to thank Whipped Cream for inviting us to blog today. My guest post is about falling in deep love with someone.

Does anyone know what that feels like? It happened to me once a long time ago. In your opinion, what does it involve? Does it mean sacrificing things for another person? Like your time, maybe things that you enjoy so you can spend time with them?

What about if that person wanted to you to drop everything and come with them if it were a long distance relationship or if you’d fell for this person quickly, would you be able to give up everything so you could be there?

If that occurred, there would be a lot of questions you would need to ask yourself. The most important, what is your love of this person based on? I hope that it’s not solely dependent on the sex you have, that could be a disaster. How about that you just love being with him or her? You are willing to make those changes in your life for that individual, you feel the giddiness when they’re in the same room with you. There’s a connection between the two of you that seems to get through conflicts no matter how big or small. You’re willing to keep the lines of communication open regardless of whether it may be hurtful or cause an argument. In my opinion, these are the signs that you may be DEEPLY in love and if you are, congratulations.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me what else you would consider as a sign that you are deeply in love? Give your opinions and I will be giving away the My Sexy Valentine anthology which I am featuring in the following excerpt and blurb as well as my sole author book, The True Meaning of Love out at XOXO publishing.

Overall Blurb: Unexpected surprises and four very special carnal adventures lie in wait for four sets of lovers on Valentine’s Day. These short novels will make you laugh, cry, smolder, and send you running for a cold shower. In the first novel, “Bachelorette” by Em Petrova, a spirited woman is deserted by her fiancĂ©, but five delectable Frenchmen have a plan to comfort her out of her Valentine’s Day blues—and bridal garments. In the second novel, “Only When I Lose Myself” by Michael Mandrake, Adrian is in need of someone to be his special Valentine and discovers that in Matthew Gianopolis, a janitor with superior intelligence but poor social skills, he has found it. In the third, “My Valentine Prince” by Ike Rose, a blue-collar college educated hunk who fought class prejudices to raise up the corporate ladder must choose which of two men is to be his Prince Charming: his rich ex-boss boyfriend, or the sailor who gave up his career to love him forever. In the fourth, “Cupid’s Arrow” by Daisy Harris, the god Cupid swears off love, but when a girl he shoots doesn’t swoon as expected, he learns that to woo her he’ll have to break his rule and fall in love with her himself.


Adrian Vanderguard is the hottest singer in the music business right now and is currently on tour supporting his third album. Now that the long journey is coming to a close, he is visiting his home away from home in New York City to play a string of six exclusive shows at New York’s famous Falcon Theatre in front of sellout crowds that include top celebrities.
Adrian is also a loner who is in need of companionship. While on this lengthy trip, he has made up in his mind that he would like to be dating by Valentine’s Day of the following year, and he will stop at nothing to accomplish this.
Matthew Gionapolis is the Falcon’s environmental engineer. A young, healthy, twenty- something, that takes his work very seriously. Matthew is one person who likes everything to be in place, and really is not into having much contact with people unless he has to.
Not knowing this, Adrian decides that he would like to get Matthew to be his assistant despite the fact that the young gentleman was rather rude to him when he tried to introduce himself. Undeterred, Adrian even goes as far to point out the fact that Matthew must do as his managers say or else it could mean his job. This upsets Matthew but because he would like to be employed, he goes along with Adrian’s ploy, and while all this is going on, he develops a soft spot for the kind hearted, gorgeous crooner that may change his mind about wanting to be alone for the duration of his existence.
“Excuse me, young man,” Adrian tapped Matthew on the shoulder.

Matthew shrugged and walked away.

Laura and Diana watched in horror at what Matthew might do while Bret observed with discontent.

“Matthew, my good man, listen, I…wanted to draft you as my assistant. Since your bosses didn’t see the email, I’m a little…desperate. This will turn out good after all since I really like what I’m seeing.” Adrian turned on the charm immediately.

Matthew however, was not moved. “So, why can’t you get someone else? I’m not assistant material, you know. I’m sure there are, many a gay boy that would love to get your towels for you and tease your hair.” He rolled his eyes.

“Yeah but, none of them are holding my attention like you are, mate.” Adrian grinned, his brown eyes once more connected with Matthew’s emeralds.

“Yeah, well here’s a newsflash for your Mr. Vanderguard. You can take your affections elsewhere, I ain’t interested.” Matthew frowned and went back to working.

Matthew trotted to the next patch of carpet while shaking his head. He knelt down to trim more fibers.

Adrian licked his lips and stared at the janitor.

Laura, Diana, and Bret continued to look on.

Again, Adrian folded his arms. Although he should have been taken aback by Matthew’s reaction, he was determined to have his way. “Well, Matthew, even if you aren’t, it is a requirement of your job to do whatever asked and since I have told your boss that I want you as an assistant because she fucked this up, you have to do what she tells you to…” Adrian moved his hands onto his sides while tapping his foot.

Matthew stopped clipping loose hairs. “Seriously?” He looked at Laura and Diana who just nodded their heads.

“Shit…” Matthew mumbled under his breath, nodding. “Fine, whatever, I need the job, but I am telling you now I don’t like this.


Brandon McFerry and London Davies are a couple that has been together six years. After
having an argument over the importance of Brandon's event at his art gallery versus London's
party at his club, London is involved in a serious car accident that makes him
temporarily incapacitated.
During his rehabilitation, Brandon and London will learn the true meaning of love thus bringing
them closer together.

Thanks for your time, don't forget to comment and please stop by Rawiya's post to read about her first Gay story.


Faith said...

My husband is one such love. I don't know what I'd do without him.

Jason said...

I am totally in deep love with my men. It is an awesome feeling.

Rawiya said...

Faith, thank you for stopping by.

I do love my hubby as well! <3 Good luck in the contest.

Rawiya said...

Hi Jason...

Wow, I am intrigued by your comment...

Thank you for checking in!

Cathy M said...

I was lucky to have found my forever man early on in life, and I still adore him. Love is about giving, when you are both willing to make the other happy.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

A sign that you are deeply in love? I think a sign is that I always try to make him happy :) That I can't be really happy as long a I know that he is sad.

luciatea01 (at)

desitheblonde said...

oh jason you are sweet my bf and i been through cancer and now with me having to have surgery again this time for the heart and i ask him point blank they do the stuff need to be done will you stick around and he said yes

heavy hedonist said...

Moving across country, or continents, for love is a risky business-- I've done it, and had it done for me.
I much prefer having it done for me.

Rawiya said...

Wonderful comments everyone.

True love is definitely about letting yourself go.

I thank you all for your comments.