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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Most Enjoyable Part of Foreplay GOING DOWN

I’m the other alter ego of Sharita L, Blmorticia, here to talk about my favorite subject besides music, SEX and the most enjoyable part, Fellatio or Cunnilingus.
Now, I’m no expert, but in my opinion, the best part about being in a relationship is having someone please you orally. Do people still have an issue with this, yes. But why? Why on earth would you deprive your man or woman of the most pleasurable feeling besides the actual act.
I realize that I cannot be my down and dirty self here, so I’m toning it down…a little. *grins*
We’re all adults here, what do you enjoy most about receiving?
The way it feels? Does it make you have orgasms quicker? What does your face look like when you are ready to explode? Pretty darn funny I’m sure. You know you enjoy it, c’mon, just admit that you like when he or she licks their way down your body to get to your most prized possession. Do you like when they do it slow or fast? Do you like more tongue than lips? What if they add a little something to the party, like some whipped cream… appropriate. How about some edible oil to make a trail down to the glorified orifice? Yum… I’m getting hot just thinking about it.
Yes having someone pleasure you orally is the best feeling other than having sex but what about when you are the giver? It can still be as exciting.

I have a few ideas I won’t be able to say on TV but try to be imaginative. Use the above suggestions as well as be as kinky as possible. Show him or her that you love doing it too and always be safe because no one wants to have issues down the line because we weren’t careful. TRULY NAUGHTY!
So, what have you learned today? Be creative, enjoy it, don’t deprive your man or woman of that hot moment. It just adds to your sex life, it enhances it. Be equal, be a giver and a receiver.
Hope you enjoyed the post. I have a giveaway here that's sure to make your mouth water... *heh*
Since we must keep it clean, comment on what you enjoy most about Valentine’s Day. The gifts, the sex, the candy, etc.Blah Blah Blah... I'll do an extension on this post at this site on February 26th.
In the meantime, leave your email along with your comment and be entered to win the Bad Girl’s Sweet Kiss anthology from Xcite books. I, Blmorticia, have a story in there. I know you are thrilled. It’s called, Cocksucker’s Complaint. It’s a humorous free verse that's part of a nice mix of hetero, m/m, and m/f stories all about going down.
Thank you for listening to my PG post. I'm off to being my snarky self. I'm a bad girl, too much nice stuff irks me...

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Miranda Grissom said...

OMG that was hot and hilarious at the same time!

Bianca Sommerland said...

I didn't know you were part of the party, Sharita! Hot post, as usual ;)

See you around, sweetie. <3

Nina Pierce said...

There's a lot of trust between both parties when someone performs oral sex. It really is so much more intimate than intercourse IMHO because of the trust issue. Great, naughty, hawt, post!

Jean P said...

A naughty post, very hot! I might have to go see my husband now *L*

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Maria said...

Very hot post! Thanks for all of the info:)


Rawiya said...

LOL Bianca... Yep, I am here thank you all for stopping by.

:D A little oral is hot and goes a long way.

I'll notify the winner through email.

Crystal Dee said...

I'm all about education, especially hot sexy education.

stillsnooblegobble at yahoo dot com

Rawiya said...


Thank you for commenting.

I do hope all of you stop by the link I have you for the more naughty spin on this post... ;)

flchen1 said...

Very intriguing... Thanks for the great post ;)

f dot chen at comcast dot net

Rawiya said...

Thank you for visiting!

I'm glad you enjoyed!