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Sunday, February 13, 2011

My love at its hottest - A real treat for Valentine's Day

My love at its hottest - A real treat for Valentine's Day

So it’s Valentine’s Day, the classic celebration of love, and I’d like to contribute with my own unconventional point of view. Yes, because if love takes many forms, none is more powerful than the physical one where the explosion of the senses connects bodies AND souls at a level so deep it’s hard to describe. And that’s what my books are all about, the search for this passionate connection that alone gives meaning to my character’s life, so I’d like to offer my readers a sample from a few of them.

EROTICA M/F/F from The Game, Book 2 Virtus Saga
Damn you, Princess! They were alone again, Koren and his slave having gone to look for other players. You made him come after only a few movements.
You told me you wanted him to come!
Yeah, but I didn’t expect you to do it so fast or so well. He grinned.
She stuck out her tongue. So I’m a fast learner. What are you going to do about it?
Oh, I’m sure I can think of something. The images he sent her were quite explicit. But—
“Ahem…” The woman cleared her throat and came to stand in front of the prince, fixing clear blue eyes on him. “I want you.” If her announcement took him by surprise, he did not show it, nor did he flinch when she added, “And your slave, too.”
“I’m the master here.”
Duncan’s lips curled in a snarl as he lay back on the couch. “I decide who I want…” He gave her a cold look over. “Or don’t want.”
Unaffected by his icy appraisal, she removed her master’s robe, revealing a seductively curvy body. Nothing like my princess, but it could do. “Why do you want me?” He challenged instead.
She inclined her head, lips brushing his ear. “Because you’re the sexiest man around.” Her tongue tip followed the husky confession by tracing the contour of his ear, before she pulled up to look at him with shiny eyes.
Not satisfied and wanting to dare her, he turned to glance at Ylianor. “And why my slave?”
“Because she seems in love with you and I want to take away her illusions.”
At her words, he could not help being impressed. “What’s your name?”
“Lydyen.” She bowed slightly.
Without wasting more time, he grabbed her arm and pulled her down on the couch, pinning her body under his weight. Bending his head, he first sucked her hard nipple, grazing his teeth on the raised tip until he felt her tense, then he took her, shoving with one thrust to the hilt, her wet cunt opening wide to fit him in deep. Neither moved initially, maybe both too shocked by the suddenness of the penetration, until Duncan recovered his wits and started pumping her. “Was this what you had in mind?”
Lydyen wrapped her legs around his waist. “Almost. What I really want is for your slave to lick me while you take your time to visit my holes.” Her eyes gleamed maliciously. “All of them.”
“Why didn’t you say so from the start?” Slipping out of the comfortable hole, he pulled her up and placed her on all fours. Then he looked at Ylianor who had watched the entire scene. Come on. The lady gave you a direct order.
The princess moved to lie down underneath Lydyen.
“Now lick,” the woman commanded, thrusting the drenched cunt in her face.
The prince felt Ylianor’s tongue stick out to lap vigorously, starting from the ass hole up to the clit. His mouth stung with Lydyen’s strong taste, staled by the intensity of her excitement. “And don’t forget the ass.”
“I knew you couldn’t resist.” She challenged.
“Don’t flatter yourself, Lydyen. My slave has a much better looking one.” His fingers rimmed the edges, then plunged inside, making her curve her back to stick out the buttocks.
“She might, but you’ll never feel an ass like mine.”
“Really?” Egged by her words, he aimed his thick erection and shoved, impaling her completely.
She did not move for a second, simply moaned. “Tell your slave to lick harder,” she complained eventually.
“She heard and she’ll obey.” Right?
Right, Master. Tongue spread wide, Ylianor brushed the sensitive pussy, pushing inside with a thick point, trying to follow Duncan’s rhythm, which she saw all too well. Again, the prince lived the two sides at the same time in a wildly exciting race that left him breathless.
Lydyen was moving now, her ass swinging back at every forceful thrust, inviting him to slam more into her, until he heard her gasp. And the moment he thought she had come, the woman pulled away and grabbed Ylianor’s head. “Now lick my taste from your master’s cock.”
Surprised, the green eyes swung to Duncan, asking for permission, but he pulled away. “No, Lydyen, I don’t allow slaves to touch me, not for any reason.” And the gods help me if you should dare. “But you’re welcome to it,” he teased, having understood what sort of woman she was.
Bending on him, her lips pressed to his ears. “You really can’t help loving her, can you?”
Then she was gone.


AR - Romance at Heart - Leave your OWN review on Goodreads

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EROTIC M/M Visionquest
Paralyzed by guilt and terror, I couldn’t allow myself to forget, not now anyway, so fought the urge to give in to what he wanted or at least tried up to the moment my head filled with erotic images—our bodies entwined in the heat of passion, the guard’s three hard shafts possessing my every hole, my ass moving to his rhythm, my cock jerking frantically in the spasm of release—that managed to chase away the other terrifying ones. All the blood spilled that night seemed a waste of precious life and the need to do something to compensate for the terrible loss overwhelmed me. So the rush of blood in my ears took the meaning of life, rather than death, and the uncontrollable urge to celebrate it made me tremble with desire as my cock twitched in anxious anticipation, particularly when the Seigneuros’s lips slid on its bare skin.
He had not done it often enough for me to grow accustomed to the wet sensation, yet he had just as much expertise in this art as in everything else. His tongue lapping forcefully down to the base, returning up to circle the bulging head, drawing it deeper in his cavity drove me crazy, particularly with the repeated lashes at the foreskin connecting the head to the stem, making it turn into stone in the matter of seconds. I felt like drowning, pushing to plunge further, to have him swallow me whole, so I could forget everything except his exquisite touch enflaming my desire to a fever pitch.
I’d have gone on forever, or spilled my guts, whichever came first, but he pushed me down on my back, then straddled me, positioning his butt on top of my erection while jerking off in front of my face. Well, it was quite a switch, and one I meant to take every advantage of as I raised my hips and broke through his narrow hole before he changed his mind. Lord Brahany groaned and he came down with repeated thrusts that screwed my cock firmly inside his ass until nothing remained out except my balls, and we were one again.
As his flesh accommodated me, I shoved harder to get the full feel of his tightness squeezing my equipment to satisfaction every time it stuck deep in the confined space thanks to the continuous slamming down and pushing up, barely retreating and only to come together more forcefully than before, which melted my restraints. Lost in the sensual dance, finally away from the bloody scenes, I accelerated the tempo, wanting to come, and fast, too, but naturally, he allowed me only so much freedom.
Taking my cock out of his ass, he picked me up and brought me to the ramparts. Hands against the stone, I bent my back like he wanted me to, pushing out my rear at the same time, not having to wait long for his hungry shaft to crash into my burning hole that opened up immediately to suck him to the hilt, craving for more as he enlarged it with his frantic rhythm. Like before, the more he hammered and screwed his snug way almost to my guts, the more pleasure overpowered me, mingling with the blissful sensation of his tight ass gripping my shaft until nothing made sense anymore besides the repeated convulsions jerking my cock to oblivion.


ARCoffee Time RomanceJBP - Leave your OWN review on Goodreads

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And I find the closure particularly fitting, the mix between feelings and sensations exalted in a mix worth of the best Valentine ever.

EROTI C M/M sneak excerpt Re-Scue the passionate prequel of Tasting Leon’s Mark
As the voice turned deeper and huskier—the shaft’s fault, no doubt—Sean’s arousal grew to a sizable erection, too, for the endearment, whether uttered in other languages and different voices, was the hunter’s own call, and its usual possessive undertone always made Sean lose control with the awareness he belonged to Leon…in or out of bed, in or out of time and space. “Come on. Stop…”
Well, he sounded anything but convinced, not with a cock as thick as his had become. “Is that what you really want?” With a smug grin, Sean continued the sensual rub between his ass and the bulging head now pushing up to enter, not throw him off anymore, and since it was his same aim, Sean spread his buttocks apart to make it easier for the shaft to get what it wanted. His narrow hole was large enough anyway after Leon’s repeated poundings, so the dick slipped inside without any effort, soon filling the available space to its fullest, straining for more, only the balls could not follow however deep Leon thrust upward to get them inside. And the drilling burned his butt with a fiery heat that crunched his balls from the sheer pressure of the semen throbbing to come out, though Sean had to grab Leon’s hands to keep from falling off due to the heavy vibrations caused by the frantic rocking that required a firm hold to allow his legs to work rhythmically to press the ass down every time the hunter shoved. “Just say the word, and I’ll end it right now.”
“And miss all this?” Swinging his hips, the hunter penetrated so far inside Sean thought the tip of the erection would come out from his throat. “How the hell do you manage to convince me every time?”
“Because you can’t get enough of me.” Pressing down, the thick dick twitched in agreement, and Sean was afraid he would lose it right there and then.
“Oh, no, you don’t!” With an elegant rollover, Leon flipped Sean beneath him, gaining the upper hand and impaling his lover deeper since the new position, with the prey lying on his back, allowed for greater pumping.
But Sean was close to the edge, the dangerous one of spilling his feelings, a mistake the hunter would inevitably catch and the prey would regret for the rest of his life, which was the reason he had chosen a strenuous position that required much physical effort and distracted his mind.
And now in Leon’s arms, ass ravaged by the frenzied hammering, he wanted to prove his point—though it seemed impossible the hunter had not yet guessed it, considering his trained eyes and ears that in the past had sniffed it out even before Sean had—so raising his arms, Sean pulled Leon down, blindly seeking the full lips, then opening his mouth wide the moment he felt the tongue nudging his lips, sucking it inside to mix with his flavor, melting and surrendering everything he had to the only one who ever meant anything to him.
As if sensing Sean’s mood, Leon increased the sensual sweeps, almost reaching the throat both with his tongue and shaft, the tempo of one matching that of the other, until the prey knew he had him right where he wanted him, at the verge of an explosive come, the convulsive spasms in his butt not surprising given the amount of emotions spicing the plain sex into a more elaborate plate than Leon was prepared to handle. Then before the hunter had the chance to recover, Sean rolled him over and jerked off while straddling him, the feeling of the cock cramping his ass still strong in spite of its going limper by the second, the sensations tearing his soul apart more than enough to push his desire to the tip of his erection and flood Leon’s chest with powerful jets of hot, seedy fluid.

Read more about Re-Scue on my website
Read more about Tasting Leon’s Mark on my website

Ciao from Rome,

Laura Tolomei


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