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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Roller Coaster of Love by Cindy Jacks

Long-term relationships are like roller coasters. Though the first plunge is usually the biggest, as the ride evolves there are lots of peaks and valleys that bring back that lovin' feeling—your first fight, the day you making that lasting commitment, break-ups/make-ups, screw-ups (both big and small). In fact, it seems like the times of high-drama (be they filled with happiness or heartbreak) make it easy to stay focused on your partner. And then there are those days...months...even years that slip by without excitement, intrigue, or turmoil. That's when the ennui sets in and, IMHO, it's these times that are difficult to weather and most often lead to an irreparable rift.

If you have the choice between making love with your partner or watching an rerun of Law and Order and you choose Law and Order—DANGER, DANGER! LOL. You need to take action now! And I would know because not too long ago, my life-partner and I fell into a rut that almost put an end to our relationship. Almost. Thankfully we were able to open up to each other, indulge each other's fantasies, experiment a little...okay experiment a lot and we resurrected our passion with a vengeance. It's this experience that was the basis for my novel Love Game, available now at Ellora's Cave.

The book explores the staid relationship of a couple that's been married for longer than a decade and the lengths that they go to fall in lust with each other all over again:

Battling housework, Sandi wonders if the spark in her marriage has disappeared. When her husband interrupts their hot-shower lovin’ to take a call from work, she’s positive the magic is gone.

In an attempt to spice things up, she gets a makeover and sets a date with her hubby for a night of passion and romance. There’s only one problem—Roberto doesn’t show. But all is not lost. Alejandro, a silver-tongued Latin loverboy wrapped in an expensive suit, volunteers to keep her company for the evening. He says all the right—and deliciously wrong—things, leaving Sandi no choice but to see him again…and again and again.

One by one, Alejandro strips away her inhibitions, pushing her to act out her darkest fantasies, desires so privateshe’s never mentioned them to anyone, not even her husband. Blindfolds, bondage with silk ropes, sex on the roof—nothing is off limits. But everything is not as it seems. The game’s afoot—a love game—rekindling the scorching-hot passion in Sandi and Roberto’s marriage.

I hope readers can identify with the ups and downs Sandi and Roberto go through. Yes, some nights you're tired. Some days you're grumpy or you really do have a headache. Not to mention the kids are doing their best to give you gray hair. But if you're reasonably well-rested, in decent health and you find yourself with some grown-up alone time, you can't go wrong by giving your partner some good, good lovin'. Mix it up. Keep it fresh. It's overcoming the boredom that comes with any routine that will take you on that roller-coaster ride again. Falling in love—or lust—again...ain't it grand?

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Cindy Jacks
Fiction for the bad girl in every woman


Miranda Grissom said...

Love Game sounds really good. I think every relationship goes through these pitfalls. After a time it's necessary to explore to keep things fresh and fun.

Jambrea said...

This is SUCH a great book. I really love Cindy's writing. :)

Cathy M said...

Well said, Cindy. It takes work, but keeping that spark alive is totally worth the effort, and has a great payoff.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Elie said...

This sounds like a great story and now that song is stuck in my head. LOL, thanks for sharing.

Bianca Sommerland said...

Love your writing style, so this book is going on my TBR list. I can put the review for it next to the one I did for Leap!

Very cool tagline by the way. ;)

Jean P said...

Your post hits the nail on the head. You can get too complacent in an relationship, it takes work.
Love Game sounds like a great read.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

flchen1 said...

Looking forward to picking this up, Cindy! Sounds like just the thing ;)

f dot chen at comcast dot net