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Sunday, February 13, 2011

See me Getting Physical.

Oooh, er missus! Link

Don't panic, this post does not contain a Victoria Blisse workout video but it does detail how you can win some awesome Victoria Blisse goodies by watching a short youtube clip and answering a really easy question. So it's not as scary as you might have thought!

To enter my Getting Physical contest you need to watch this youtube clip which shows me reading an excerpt from the very beginning of Getting Physical and tells you things from Terri’s point of view.

All you have to do after watching the Getting Physical clip is answer this easy peasy question!

What did Terri say twice in the first 15 minutes?
a, “My, what big pecs you’ve got.”
b, “Hello, I’m here for a gym induction.”
c, “Look at my Magnificent Breasts.”

Send your answer to me in an email entitled “Getting Physical contest” and send it to:

victoria @ victoriablisse. co. uk (no spaces)

before 6am GMT on the 14th February to be put in a draw to win lots of Blisse goodies including a Getting Physical t-shirt, Restoration Stickers and bookmarks, signed Getting Physical postcard and some tasty yummy chocolate.

So there is less than 10 hours left now to get your entries in so don't hang about!


Wendi Zwaduk said...

Thanks for having the contest! The excerpt and cover are awesome. Congrats!

Victoria Blisse said...

Thanks, Wendi!

heavy hedonist said...

I really dig the cover, too-- its nice to see a woman with some flesh for a change! And the story sounds like fun.

Crystal Dee said...

Loved the youtube clip.

As a somewhat soft woman, I appreciate this story. They did find a quite lovely cover model for you.

Victoria Blisse said...

hh -I know, I love it too, she's a lovely looking lady.

Crystal -thank you. I like that turn of phrase, I like being a soft woman! :) And the model is lovely. :)