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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sex Vs. Kids

So since Valentines day is tomorrow and for the most part a lot of you have children we often wonder, what do you do to enjoy the night and worry about putting your kids to sleep so you and the husband can have some funtime. For me I have 6 kids so finding time with the husband even on Valentines day can me time consumming in itself. You oftten sneak to weird palces in your house and have random sexy encounters with the husband. You have to do this, you are forced to do this. It may be fun or it may be a little nerve recking beucase theres a chance you could get caught and compltely ruin it for your child, along with perminitely blinding them. Needless to say me and the husband had this issue tackeled. We would sneek off to a closet or a bathroom and lock ourselves in and be extremely quite.You have to be daring and willing to do things out of the norm to keep your love making on lock and key. All it took was 5 to 10 quick minutes and we got to enjoy ourselves to such a high that leaving that room was a little disheartning. SO since we had it down to a sciene we decided one night that maybe we could step it up and sneek off to the bedroom. The kids were downstairs watching Dispicable Me, and compeltely zoned into the television. So what a better time right. So wrong!
So here we are under our covers in my bedroom the doors shut and im gigleing and having a great TIME with my husband, all the while with this hand kinda over my mouth to keep me quite which kinds enticing me more. We decide to take it up a notch and take just our pants off in case one of the kids comes in then they will think mommy and daddys are just playing. Risky right? So with the door being shut things start to get hot and heavey and you kind forget whats going on around you. My husband had me in extasy and yes we still sort of have our closthes on. All you hearing goes out the window when you feel like that. But heres where it happened, we hear, "mommy an daddy are makin!" Key word here "makin" this word signifies a lot to my 4 year old son. It means naked. "Uh oh" were the only words my husband said other then us cracking up laughing as we hear the sound now of his little feet running down the hall and stairs. We jump up fast and put our close on quickly and act like nothing happend. All 6 kids come up the stairs and into our room not even a minute later. The first thing the ten year old says is, "Why did antonio say you guys were makin." She looks concerned, eye brows are furrowed and shes lookign all around the room. So not ready to have this talk again with her. So we do like any smart parent would and we just say, "I dont' know your brothers being a dork." Then my hubby gets the bright idea to point ot a pile of laundry and say maybe thats why. She crosses her arms over her chest like shes the adult and smirks then replies "Okay" and they all walk out of the room. My shoulders slump and me and the huuby take a nice long exhale comepltely thrown off balance. We never would have thought that would have happend.

Thinking about it now though it makes me laugh and ever Valentines day I now think of what happend and what could happen. So make sure when your messing with the hubby to stick to the basics and only use doors that lock and only use statments about what your doing that sounds beleivable. And most important though don't let the small things keep you from enjoying your spouse. Happy Valenbtines Day!


Cathy M said...

Oh yeah, lots of great memories there, lol.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Joyce said...

Funny. Yeah that happened more often than not when my kids were young.

doxymom said...

LoL. That's funny. Mine don't comment about my "Daddy Time" or the locked door, but the older two now make faces that say "Ewwww."

doxisrcool at

Mindi said...

The faces oh yes I can relate to those as well. But now I get them making the kissing face and laughing.

Crystal Dee said...

You lost me at Despicable Me. I just couldn't think of anything but "It's so FLUFFY". Love that movie.

My kids are grown and I'm on my own but it's not hard to remember exactly how we got away with it. I seem to remember cutting his hair in the bathroom a LOT. There was a straight back chair that we were quite fond of and the electric razor made plenty of noise. I'm rather sad to say we had it down to 5 or 10 minutes as well.